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Student-Athletes As Brand Ambassadors This Philly University Is Making It Happen In A Major Way


Student-Athletes As Brand Ambassadors? This Philly University Is Making It Happen In A Major Way

Saint Joseph’s University Athletics has launched a new initiative to assist student-athletes with Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) activities, as permitted by recent NCAA rule changes for Division I institutions. The Philadelphia University partnered with Van Wagner College, SANIL, and Brandr to provide resources for interested student-athletes.

“We are excited to lead the way by adapting our NIL programming to align with the new rules and provide additional opportunities for our student-athletes,” Jill Bodensteiner, Vice President and Director of Athletics at Saint Joseph’s University said in a press release.

The collaboration starts with a “Hawk Hill NIL Fair,” where representatives from the four partners educate existing sponsors, prospective sponsors, alumni businesses, local businesses, and more. A key aspect involves introducing several Saint Joseph’s student-athletes as potential brand ambassadors and partners.

According to Saint Joseph’s, the university was recently named one of eight Division I programs nominated for an INFLCR NIL Award, which recognizes excellence in NIL activities. Through the partnership, the university aims to create a comprehensive framework empowering student-athletes to maximize their NIL potential.

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