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Ryan B. Potter: Organic Partnerships Lead to Successful Brand Collaborations

Ryan B. Potter is a young influencer with over 300k followers on Instagram alone. He focuses on makeup and skincare, and shares tutorials, product reviews, and other tips with his enthusiastic audience. He started crafting his niche at 15, back when MySpace and Tumblr were the popular social media platforms. Now, Ryan continues to produce wonderful and interesting content that his followers enjoy, working his way toward his dream collaboration with Dior Beauty.

Ryan B. Potter has always been interested in makeup and skincare since he was in his teenage years. His other passions include photography and the arts. With this kind of combination, it’s not a surprise that Ryan produces astounding content that fascinates audiences of all genders. 

Makeup as an Outlet for Creativity

Choosing his niche in makeup and skincare came gradually to Ryan. He first started by creating makeup tutorials, skincare came later on when he had to go through the terrible phase most teenagers go through — acne. 

Ryan B. Potter - Net Influencer
Ryan B. Potter

Makeup was also a way for Ryan to have a creative outlet. He was still a student at that time and he also worked as a server. But even then, he had already decided that if he was ever going to go full-time as a content creator, this niche was what he would focus on. 

Going Full-time and Moving to LA 

At 18, Ryan decided to move to LA. It was something that he had always planned on doing and he made sure to let everyone know that that was the direction he was heading. Despite some hesitation, as anyone who’s about to embark on a big decision feels, Ryan knew that he couldn’t back out on it now. It was a now-or-never moment. 

Before moving to LA, Ryan already signed with an agency, and by 2017, he was already a full-time content creator. But it had to take another year before everything felt more solid for him. By 2018, he was more comfortable and confident, no longer the teenager who suffered from bad acne. Ryan started to gain more followers on Instagram, which has now reached 300k. 

Collaboration with Brands

Most of Ryan’s followers are girls, although he attracts all kinds of audiences, especially in the LGBTQ community. It’s not so much on the gender but more on the personality, he says. Ryan is a very chill person who doesn’t go overboard with his energy on his videos and in real life. That’s why he also attracts chill audiences who enjoy his calm vibes. 

Ryan B. Potter - Net Influencer

Choose One You Care About

When it comes to partnering with brands, Ryan admits that there are times when there are several projects that need to be juggled, and that there are also slow periods. He carefully considers his collaboration with brands, making sure that it’s something close to his heart and cares about. 

What makes a successful partnership is a genuine connection between the brand and the content creator. Any influencer can endorse a random product or brand but it wouldn’t be as successful as when the content creator truly cares about the product being shared with the audience. This is something that audiences know and feel as well, Ryan adds.  

Communication, Partnership, Flexibility

Another crucial element to a fruitful collaboration is an organic partnership. Some brands ask influencers to create content that’s different from what they’re usually posting. This is a challenge for many content creators. For Ryan, a successful campaign is a product of open communication between the brand and content creator, where suggestions can be shared and both are flexible enough to work things out. 

While some influencers like complete control, Ryan prefers to have structure. When brands come with ideas for content, it’s easier to provide input to make things work well for both parties. Everyone is happy. Audiences will feel this and enjoy the content all the more, making the campaign truly successful. 

It’s Hard Work

For many people and companies, it’s easy to think that being a content creator is simply holding up a camera and uploading videos. This is not true at all. According to Ryan, what’s most often misunderstood about being a content creator is the time that goes into producing great content. 

Ryan B. Potter - Net Influencer

Having 5 to 10 campaigns a month at varying stages meant filming and editing videos every day. And on top of that, content creators still have to film their own content. It’s no easy feat to do all these things. It would be great if brands understood the work that happens behind the camera. 

The Takeaway for Fledgeling Content Creators

Some content creators are too focused on the numbers and analytics that they no longer give much attention to creating content they love. It’s almost like producing content just to get engagement. 

And while likes, comments, and shares are important, what matters most is for starting influencers to create content they like, Ryan says. Don’t lose sight of your values, morals, and why you started in the first place, he adds.

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