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The $12 Pizza A 16 Million-Follower TikTok Star Co-Created With Pizza Hut


The $12 Pizza A 16 Million-Follower TikTok Star Co-Created With Pizza Hut   

Pizza Hut has announced a partnership with social media influencer Keith Lee to launch the FamiLEE Community Pizza. The collaboration aims to support local communities and charities while promoting Pizza Hut’s “$12 Any” customizable topping and crust campaign.

Lee, a food critic who was nominated for the NAACP Outstanding Social Media Personality award, has amassed over 16 million TikTok followers. The FamiLEE Community Pizza features his family’s favorite toppings – pepperoni and bacon on a hand-tossed crust.

“I am blessed to team up with Pizza Hut for the FamiLEE Community Pizza and excited to support causes close to home,” Lee said in the announcement. “This partnership shares love through food, brings communities together, and does what we feel is meant for our space.”

As part of the partnership, Pizza Hut and Lee will donate $50,000 to Southfield ANT and OakHills High School, the alma mater of Lee and his wife Ronni, demonstrating their commitment to supporting local communities and charities.

“Keith Lee shapes the food industry, and I’m an avid follower,” said Pizza Hut’s Chief Marketing Officer Lindsay Morgan. “His authentic TikTok reviews celebrate community and family. His brand perfectly fits Pizza Hut, so we created the FamiLEE Pizza for guests to try his recipe and give back.”

The FamiLEE Pizza complements Pizza Hut’s “$12 Any” deal, which allows customers to customize toppings and crusts. Lee stated that the partnership recognizes important family moments with Pizza Hut and hopes the pizza encourages others to connect.

According to the announcement, the FamiLEE Community Pizza will launch nationwide for a limited time as part of Pizza Hut’s roughly 18,000 restaurants in over 100 countries.

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