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Is AI Technology A Friend Or Foe For Influencers And Marketers? Ft. Ofer Familier, Co-Founder And CEO At GlossAi

Is AI technology taking influencer marketing jobs away or providing necessary solutions to the “always on” creator economy? Many feel threatened by AI’s massive growth, but using it could actually help influencers and marketers create more emotional connections with their audiences. Ofer Familier, Co-Founder and CEO at GlossAi, weighs in.

Ofer Familier, co-founder and CEO at GlossAi, is an experienced leader with a business development, software engineering, and executive management background. 

In 2021, he co-founded GlossAi to bridge the gap between organizations creating content and the ways that audiences want to consume it. GlossAi’s technology analyzes text, pace, tone, facial expression, audience engagement, and more to create human-like editing of video and audio in near real-time. 

Companies using GlossAi have reported saving anywhere from 50% to 90% in time and overall cost while enjoying faster content distribution. It’s also ideal for influencers interested in offering larger content packages to brands. 

In this interview, Ofer Familier shares his thoughts on AI solutions for influencer marketing and meeting the increasing demands influencers, marketers, and businesses face for more content across platforms. 

Is AI Technology A Friend Or Foe For Influencers And Marketers? Ft. Ofer Familier, Co-Founder And CEO At GlossAi

What is GlossAi?

GlossAi is a Tel Aviv-based startup introducing generative AI services, like AI-powered video editing tools. 

GlossAi’s service provides instant promotional material, cost and time savings, and extended content generation. For example, AI can generate ebooks or white papers based on video or audio long-form content. An example of GlossAi’s cost efficiency is GlobalDots, which cut outsourcing costs by 80% with automation. 

An example of this is a recent partnership with MAICON, where Video-AI (V-AI) was leveraged to reshape conference promotions by providing real-time AI-edited promotional videos for conference speakers, increasing engagement and producing powerful buzz around the event. 

The Pressure of the Evolving Influencer Marketing Landscape 

Influencer marketing numbers continue to explode, and to keep up, more companies rely on user-generated content (UGC) to fill in gaps. 

For influencers, there is ongoing pressure to deliver content consistently across all platforms, meaning an “always on” approach is crucial. Unfortunately, no human can always be “on,” so anyone chasing this goal will eventually burn out. 

Efficiency solutions help both marketers and influencers meet these content demands. 

Familier shares, “Influencers and creators create content in one way, but using AI or our platform can help them repurpose this content into what works for each platform.”

AI tools reduce stress on influencers and marketers, allowing them to create content for many platforms simultaneously and keep up with the constantly changing trends online. 

In addition, creators can offer more substantial packages to companies by providing larger amounts of content but using AI to repackage their content, saving countless hours of editing.

AI technology also removes the barrier for creators who struggle with using complicated editing tools and reformatting their content to meet each platform’s requirements.  

Fears Around AI Technology

Many professionals fear AI technology out of concern that it’ll replace their jobs, but Familier shares that this shouldn’t be a concern. 

He says, “I don’t believe that’s where we’re going. You cannot replace the human factor… AI is really the ability to be more efficient and save your time and really do a lot more than what you are used to doing today.”

Part of GlossAi’s mission is to give people a comfortable way to adopt AI technology that saves time and cost, allowing them to better focus on creating content and big-picture goals. 

The most valuable thing anyone has is time, especially content creators, who are often one-person operations. 

Familier explains, “They’re [the creators] really the expert in this domain, and the ability to create more out of their initial content is really key. It’s a game-changer. They don’t need to create another vlog to adapt to Instagram… They can repurpose it in a few clicks and have more.”

Tools like this are essential for small influencers who previously couldn’t compete with larger, full-time influencers with teams and more time to create content. 

Is AI Technology A Friend Or Foe For Influencers And Marketers? Ft. Ofer Familier, Co-Founder And CEO At GlossAi

The Importance of Human Connection

Influencer marketing is so effective because of influencers’ emotional connection with their audience, which traditional ads can’t compete with. 

Familier shares, “At the end of the day, brands want to emotionally connect with audiences’ different emotions to different types of audiences through different channels. All of this will need to have content that is very aligned with this specific influencer.”

AI technology helps brands create highly personalized content that will connect on a deeper level with their audience — partly through connecting with them on the right platforms. For example, the brand eToro grew a loyal audience by 30 to 40% via automatic TikTok repurposing with GlossAI. 

The Future of Influencer Marketing and AI Technology

Familier says, “I don’t think you can replace emotions in the near or foreseeable future. Emotions are emotions. People like certain influencers because they feel connected to them. I don’t think AI will change this… I think the trend is the opposite — to help influencers connect in a more personalized manner with their audience.”

The current trend is even more personalized and micro-targeted influencer content. 

These increasingly automated, customized experiences for each member of their audience — while still maintaining the influencers’ unique emotional connection and personality — are critical to success in influencer marketing. 

Familier expects brands to continue to be much more surgical about which influencer they work with and what part of their audience this influencer’s content will reach. 

As part of this, GlossAi’s team will continue building tools to help influencers understand and segment their audience, allowing them to create a massive amount of content from one original piece that is then personalized to the platform.

Here’s how GlossAi empowers content creators:

  • Efficiency in Content Repurposing: Turning existing videos and podcasts into multiple short-form contents with ease.
  • Enhanced Engagement: GlossAi’s AI’s understanding of audience engagement metrics helps tailor content that maximizes viewer interaction.
  • Brand Consistency: Automatically incorporating the unique style and branding elements of content creators into every piece of content..
  • Time and Resource Saving: Minimizing the time and resources typically spent on content creation, enabling content creators to concentrate more on creativity and less on logistics.

What Would You Change About the Creator Economy?

Familier’s answer to this question might shock you, but he feels that there is such a large market of products marketed to influencers that sell them products or services they don’t need. 

Unfortunately, many of these don’t help the influencer achieve their goals or express themselves better. 

He says, “I’m hoping technology companies will understand a little bit that this is not the place to put 200 different tools for them and try to make them buy a lot of tools, but let them really be individuals.” 

The takeaway: While AI and other technologies are massive growth areas, technology companies must handle AI adoption responsibly to avoid overwhelming users and negating possible benefits.

His Advice for Marketers and Aspiring Influencers

He shares that influencer marketing is really not about demographics but how we connect to certain people — through our emotions.

Familier says, “The closer they get to you, the more you can expand your reach, and the more amazing content that you can create that is personalized and the more you bring the right emotions from your audience out.”

Continue strengthening your bond with your audience by creating a deep emotional connection through your content, UGC, or collaboration. 

Then, use technology like GlossAI to keep up with the “always on” ecosystem so you can share your content across platforms while spending fewer hours editing. 
Remember, AI technology isn’t replacing influencers or marketers, but responsible AI augmentation supports your goalsand content needs.

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