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Murder With My Husband Podcast


Murder With My Husband Podcast

True love meets true crime in this podcast hosted by a married couple where they discuss some of the darkest crime stories. This article provides an in-depth review of the Murder With My Husband podcast to show you why it is worth your time.

What happens when a wife who loves true crime and a husband who hates it join hands? They start a true crime podcast! Murder with My Husband, hosted by Payton and Garrett Moreland, a married couple, is a true crime podcast where the duo discuss some of the darkest crimes ever committed. 

The podcast became popular among true crime lovers because of the very interesting stories that Payton picks. Listeners also love the dynamic between the married couple. The fact that one of the hosts loves true crime while the other hates it is such a new and refreshing thing to see!

Murder With My Husband Podcast

The Creators Behind the Podcast 

Payton Moreland graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in business. Prior to starting her podcast, she used to work as a social media manager and has also dabbled as a dance instructor at a hip hop company. 

Garrett Moreland, her husband and co-host, also graduated from Utah Valley University with a major in marketing and a minor in business management. His previous work experience includes being a customer service representative, food cubby, Amazon private labeled products seller, and a social media marketing intern. He also co-founded Course Ranks that lets you compare various online courses. The pair now focus entirely on podcasting and even founded Oh No Media, a podcast network and media company.

Wherever they went, Payton would start talking about true crime stories – something that Garrett hated. This was a forbidden topic in their home. When the pandemic hit, Payton was getting restless because there was no one to talk to about her favorite topic. She wanted to start something, but what? And with whom? This is when Garrett suggested that she start a true crime podcast. He volunteered to be the co-host, and they decided that their brand would be a wife who loves true crime and a husband who hates it. 

When their podcast became really successful, they began donating to nonprofits that help victims of true crime. Their major goal is to draw attention to cases that actually need it, rather than trying to solve cold cases. 

Themes and Topics Covered 

In each episode, the couple venture into a different – but equally shocking – true crime case. We get unsolvable crimes and ghastly murders with the most shocking twists. Once in a while, they also release a bonus episode that is exclusive for subscribers. 

Let us look at three of the episodes in detail to get a better understanding of the content in the Murder With My Husband podcast.

Episode 153: Mandy Stavic – Who Could Forget 

In this episode, the pair discuss how a murder case was solved 30 years after the crime was committed. Back in 1989, an 18 year old named Mandy Stavic, who had recently graduated from Mount Baker High School, went missing in Acme, Washington, after going for a jog. Three days later, her body was discovered washed on the shore of the Nooksack river. 

Episode 150: Brenda Heist – The Unexplainable Explainable Disappearance 

Is it possible to come back from the dead? Here, the hosts talk about the sudden disappearance of a mother whose case ends in a plot twist. 

In 2002, Brenda Heist, mother of two, had just dropped off her kids at school. When they returned, she was nowhere to be found. Four days later, police found her car abandoned in a parking lot near a bus station in a different county. After failing to solve the case, Brenda was declared legally dead in 2011. 

Two years later, the family got a phone call they were never expecting. Brenda had been found alive. What had happened to Brenda all these years? Listen to this episode to find out!

Episode 148: Karen Ann Phillips – The Murder Dream 

In this episode, the couple discuss a case that mystified the police where one man’s dream turned into his nightmare. In 1980, Karen Ann Phillips, a nurse, was found bludgeoned to death in her home in Oak Park, Illinois. Two days later, Steven Linscott, a psych major who lived near the victim, told the police that he had a dream about the murder the same day it happened. Although the similarities were few, police took this as a confession and arrested Steven. He was sentenced to 40 years in jail. 

Steven spent 12 years in jail before his guilty verdict was overturned. To know all the details about the case, tune in to this episode!

Reach of the Murder With My Husband Podcast 

The podcast has 245k subscribers on YouTube, 143k followers on Instagram, and 2.1M followers on TikTok. The hosts, Payton and Garrett Moreland, have 40k and 21.1k followers on Instagram respectively. 

On YouTube, where view statistics are readily available, it appears that the average episode receives anywhere between 50k to 88k views, with some of the most popular ones crossing 100k views.

As of January 2023, Murder With My Husband was ranked #19 on Apple Podcasts under the true crime category in the USA. 

Based on this analysis, we estimated that the Murder With My Husband podcast receives 75k – 100k listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, YouTube, and Spotify podcast networks. 

The Format of the Podcast 

The Murder With My Husband podcast has a unique format. The basic premise is that Payton, the true crime loving wife, is telling these stories to her husband Garrett who is so not interested in them. However, as the story keeps developing, Garrett begins asking questions and gives his candid reactions to the incidents. These are stories that he has never heard of before, so his live reactions are super fun to listen to!

Payton starts off each episode by narrating the crime, leaving us wanting all the details. Then, she begins the story in chronological order. She goes from the incidents leading up to the crime, to the details of the actual crime, the investigation, and finally, the aftermath. It feels as if we are living through the story. She also includes the reactions of the family members and friends, which are often heartbreaking. 

The podcast does not feature any guests. It is simply the hosts, their amazing dynamic, and the shocking stories. 

Reception and Impact 

With 4.8 stars on Apple Podcasts, Murder With My Husband has received a lot of positive reception. People love this unique format and the dynamic between them. Listening to Garrett’s shocked reactions is a treat! The stories Payton chooses to tell are interesting, and it is clear that she puts a lot of research into finding all the details. Her storytelling skills are top notch and her narration pulls you into the tales effortlessly. 

Want to listen to this true crime podcast that comes with a side of marriage comedy? You can check it out on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and Google Podcasts

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