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MeatEater Podcast A Look At The Size And Reach Of The Popular Podcast


MeatEater Podcast: A Look At The Size And Reach Of The Popular Podcast

Though it may be a controversial pastime, hunting is an incredibly prevalent sport across the United States. In fact, the US hunting and trapping market size is expected to be 869.5 million by the end of 2023. With such an exponential reach, it is no surprise that influencers are now looking to create engaging content that surrounds these niches. As such, Netinfluencer will discuss everything you need to know about The MeatEater Podcast and how it has managed to dominate this lucrative sector. 

The Creator Behind the Podcast

Steve Rinella first founded the MeatEater franchise in 2012, producing a long-running TV show of the same name. Throughout this series, Rinella and a team of other outdoor fanatics would travel around the remote areas of the US to hunt a wealth of fearsome animals. The television show began its life on the Sportsman Channel but has been distributed by Netflix since 2018. Across its 11-season run, the team has traveled to a plethora of awe-inspiring locations such as Alaska, New Mexico, and even Hawaii. 

Rinella is an avid lover of the great outdoors, using a plethora of professional and experienced hunting techniques to help shine a light on the more joyful elements of hunting and living life on nature’s bare resources. The MeatEater host is also commended on his stewardship and charity work, seen as he was awarded the prestigious Conservation Achievement Award from the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. 

The MeatEater Podcast offers a more comprehensive look into the worlds of food and outdoor living. Rinella uses this platform to discuss updates and movements within his respective industry, also pulling upon a range of leading experts to elevate the level of conversation. The podcast also works to expand the understanding of this previously niche subject and eliminate the stigma surrounding it. 

MeatEater Podcast: A Look At The Size And Reach Of The Popular Podcast

Themes and Topics Covered

The MeatEater Podcast has taken a very unique and divisive subject and has managed to build an incredibly engaged platform that has the potential to attract an assortment of engaged listeners. This podcast is very discussion-based, relying on other core team members such as Seth Morris and Janis Puetelis to delve into a range of alluring topics such as how genetic mutation can lead to a new species of wild bear as well as how bobcat trapping has quickly become banned in California. The host and his accompanying guest stars all use their high level of experience to comment on these developments and how they may affect the growth of the industry as a whole. 

Rinella also uses this podcast to offer advice to his wide variety of avid listeners. GearTalk is a subsidiary of this podcast that encourages the hosts to give their honest opinion on some of the most popular hunting and camping tools on the market. In a similar vein to the other episodes, this format requires Rinella and other experts to analyze each product and explore whether it is a useful item for modern-day hunters. These episodes also thrive on audience participation, asking listeners to submit their burning questions so that the experts can offer their advice in a more succinct fashion. 

Due to the host’s impeccable conservation work, the MeatEater podcast also discusses the nuances of a collection of renewable energy sources and whether they are actually a positive response to the looming climate crisis. Rinella also expands the conversation outside the world of hunting, exploring how electric cars and other modes of transport are becoming more commonplace in our contemporary society. 

MeatEater Podcast: A Look At The Size And Reach Of The Popular Podcast

The Reach of the MeatEater Podcast

Though this podcast may seem like an acquired taste, it is able to collate a wealth of diverse and educated listeners. In 2020, it managed to reach 4 million monthly downloads and was even recognized as the No.1 show in iHeartRadio’s outdoor category. Alongside its immense listenership, MeatEater is also striving to build a bustling portfolio of related media. For example, in April 2021, the brand released a history-focused podcast named Bear Grease. Hosted by writer Clay Newcomb, this podcast aims to educate its devoted audience on the forgotten practices of traditional hunting. 

MeatEater also works to extend its reach through social media, creating content for a wide array of active platforms. On Instagram, the brand boasts 1 million followers and often shares photos of their latest catch or admirable venture. 

The team also creates a wealth of long-form content for YouTube, building a deeper connection with its 1.14 million subscribers. Here, they offer short clips of their upcoming journeys as well as their related shows such as SpearChef and Wild + Whole Sourced. 

MeatEater Podcast: A Look At The Size And Reach Of The Popular Podcast

The Format of the Podcast

Each episode of the MeatEater Podcast lasts for around two hours, allowing the experts to explain each topic in full detail, further inspiring and educating its tremendously vast audience. Since starting the podcast in 2015, Rinella has managed to produce over 400 episodes and has an average estimated listenership of 690K viewers.

As a way to diversify the brand’s content strategy, the brand also conducts regular trivia episodes on the MeatEater Podcast. These episodes, better known as Game On, Suckers!, see host Spencer Neuharth and an array of other team members battle it out to test who has the best knowledge on hunting. By implementing a new host and a familiar format, this podcast is able to remain competitive against others in the field and show a lighter side to each guest’s persona. 

MeatEater Podcast: A Look At The Size And Reach Of The Popular Podcast

Reception and Impact

MeatEater is able to tap into a collection of hunting-related niches, giving it the chance to attract and invite an abundance of lucrative audiences. The brand has successfully produced a portfolio of nuanced recipes, released a range of high-end hunting gear, and is considered to be a thought-leader in the integral world of conservation. This reach has allowed the brand to be more than just a humble source of entertainment and gives it the ability to create a series of profitable revenue streams.

The brand has also founded The Meateater Land Access Initiative, a project that works to protect a wide array of luscious forest land. Most recently, the project has collaborated alongside Trust for Public Land to cease urbanization projects across Montana. This initiative has already secured around 450,000 acres of land, creating a unique sense of sustainability for future generations. 


The MeatEater Podcast allows experts like Steve Rinella to share their experience and knowledge of hunting, enabling others to revel in a collection of safe and sustainable practices. Due to the podcast’s incredible success, the MeatEater brand is now able to delve into a series of new projects, helping to further monetize the impressive talents of the team. This podcast can be found on a variety of platforms such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, and the MeatEater website. 

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