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Mark Levin Podcast A Look At The Popularity And Influence Of The Podcast


Mark Levin Podcast: A Look At The Popularity And Influence Of The Podcast

The Mark Levin Show is a podcast that highlights the republican perspective of the political landscape in current events. Levin doesn’t shy away from giving his opinion on even the most taboo of topics but seems to always have a rational explanation as to how he has drawn his conclusion. 

Whether or not you agree with the conclusions in his podcast, his tone is captivating and the topics he discusses are all related to current events, making it ideal if you want to keep up to date with what is going on in the world of politics.

Mark Levin Podcast: A Look At The Popularity And Influence Of The Podcast

Who is Mark Levin?

Mark Levin is an American Conservative TV Host, Bestselling Author, and winner of multiple awards such as the Media Research Center’s William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence, the Gene Burns Memorial Award for Freedom of Speech, and the American Conservative Union’s Ronald Reagan Award. 

In his podcast and on his television show on FNC he speaks on American society, politics, culture, history, and current events. While doing so he focuses on the various fundamental values and principles that may or may not be affected by these events and how they will impact the nation’s future and us as citizens. 

Prior to his career in show business, he served as an advisor to a few members of President Reagan’s Cabinet and had been Chief of Staff to the Attorney General, at the time, Edwin Meese. 

He has also held the position of Associate Director of Presidential Personnel and Deputy assistant secretary of the US Dept. Education, along with being Deputy Solicitor of the US dept, of Interior. 

Topics and Themes of the Podcast 

As mentioned previously, the topics are based primarily on politics and cover everything from current events to history and philosophy. 

Levin oftentimes provides the details of a current event and then proceeds to present his idea on it followed by a challenge or speculation on the rationale behind the event. 

He likes to use philosophy, morality, and ethics when presenting his conclusions and will at times cite history as a reference to further his point as either fact or anecdotal.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Mark Levins Audio Rewind 2/16/23

In this episode of the Mark Levin Show, Mark talks about various topics including the Chinese Communist Party and Xi Jinping, who is “cracking down” on religion and Christianity, in China. Levin shows how Jinping is inputting his own objective beliefs into Christianity as if he is “God himself”. With various Christian Churches turning into propaganda centers while Christians who step out of line are being brutalized within the Chinese system.

Levin later goes on to talk about controversial Senator John Fetterman, who recently checked into a hospital for clinical depression. Senator Fetterman has a history of neurological problems stemming from an accident and is under the spotlight currently as a topic of conversation regarding whether he’s physically fit to sit in the office. He then proceeds to blame the Democratic Party for Fetterman’s depression, stating that they should have never let him run in the first place if they had prior knowledge of how severe his condition was.

Mark Levin Podcast: A Look At The Popularity And Influence Of The Podcast

Finally, Mark Levin shares his opinion about Special Counsel Jack Smith and his relentlessness when it comes to trying to get around attorney-client privilege in order to take down Donald Trump. He claims that this is a danger to all of us and that if he has his way our right to tell our lawyer anything and have that be confidential is gone for good.

Mark Levins Audio Rewind 2/20/23

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Mark focused the discussion on the amount of money that the U.S. is spending on Ukraine. He airs his concerns about how much money is being misused and that though the Ukrainian problem is costing a lot of money, it’s nothing in comparison to the amount that the current government wastes on the redistribution of wealth and pursuing Marxist agendas.

Levin goes on to talk about the elephant in the room and addresses the main question many Americans are asking themselves: “Why is Ukraine our business?”

He addresses this by drawing a historical parallel as to whether it was America’s business to react when Germany invaded Poland in 1939. And states that Ukrainians are fighting for their liberty and that Americans should be proud that they’re assisting Ukraine with weapons and arming them against Russian oppression.

In the next part of his show, he goes on to talk about the Democratic Party and how they seemingly use race as a vessel to push their ideologies of Marxism.

Finally, Levin closes by sharing his opinion on the EPA and their inability to function properly without failures. He voices his concern about how we are unable to abolish the EPA because it will have a negative impact on our water and air. 

Mark Levins Audio Rewind 2/23/23

In this segment Mark Levin discusses various topics such as Norfolk Southern and how they can be sued into bankruptcy with potential civil lawsuits, going on to state that the government seems to have full protection as no one seems to be being held accountable behind the scenes for what has happened in East Palestine, OH.

He also touches on the lack of effort put forth by the Democratic Party regarding the speed and timeliness of Pete Buttigieg and his visit to Ohio prior to the event taking place. He explains how this is an example of how Buttigieg is inexperienced and not competent enough to be in the position he currently holds. 

The podcast goes on to explain how people are calling for Covid-19 relief money to be used for reparations for slavery and he takes an opposing stance on this since relief money shouldn’t be used to further the Democrat’s campaign agendas, claiming that it should either go back to paying national debt or be used for more Covid-related issues moving forward.

Platforms for listening and reach

Levin has the third largest nationally syndicated radio program in the US. His show is on more than 300 stations across America and on also available on satellite radio. 

The Mark Levin Show has listeners in the millions that tune into his show weekly. His Podcast is also available on Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify.


Whether you are a Republican or not, Levin has an extremely interesting podcast that will definitely get you thinking. His ability to make you see all sides to a problem and select sides based on a moral and ethical basis is interesting and makes you feel included in the show as a listener.

If you’re someone who enjoys politics and current events this podcast is a great way to stay up to date with all the latest news and will give you the ability to speak on topics confidently if they arise in conversation.

With shows airing six days a week, and with each episode averaging 1 hour and 30 minutes,  you can always get your fix of the Mark Levin Show.

You can check out the Mark Levin Podcast on the following platforms:

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