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1 In 5 People Say Social Media Makes Them Unhappy: LG’s On A Mission To Tip The Scales

LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled a new global campaign called “Optimism your feed,” which aims to help users bring more optimism to their social media experience, according to a company announcement on Monday. The initiative invites users to engage with positive and inspiring content on their feeds proactively.

A new global survey commissioned by LG reveals that one in five people (20%) say social media has made them unhappy. The research, which sought to understand the impact of social media on users’ well-being, also found that 28% of respondents reported increased anxiety levels due to negative content on their social media feeds.

According to the survey results, nearly half of the respondents (45%) stated that their social media feeds contain an equal or greater amount of negative content compared to positive content. The findings suggest that the prevalence of negative content on social media platforms can have a detrimental effect on users’ mental health and overall happiness.

The “Optimise your feed” campaign includes collaborating with global influencers to create a playlist of over 20 short-form videos featuring motivational and feel-good content.

The company also consulted with social media experts, including Professor Casey Fiesler, an information scientist and technology ethicist, to gain insights into the role of recommendation algorithms in determining the content users see on social media. Professor Fiesler emphasized the importance of improving digital literacy and understanding how algorithms can influence users’ online experiences.

“One of our first lines of defense needs to be improving our digital literacy and paying more attention to how algorithms influence our online experiences,” he said in the announcement.

LG states the “Optimism your feed” playlist is currently available on the company’s global TikTok and YouTube channels. In collaboration with influencers worldwide, the campaign plans to expand to other social media platforms.

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