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Kevin Hart Streaming Appearance Launches Influencer Kai Cenat Back To Twitch’s Most Subbed

Kai Cenat has reclaimed the position of most-subscribed streamer on Twitch after collaborating with comedian Kevin Hart on May 23, 2024, according to data from TwitchTracker.

As of writing, Cenat has an estimated 120,544 subscribers, surpassing previous frontrunner Jynxzi at 118,767 subscribers. Up-and-coming creator Caseoh is in third place with 61,985 subscribers.

Cenat and Jynxzi have been vying for Twitch’s top subscription spot for months. Cenat became the platform’s most-subscribed streamer in October 2022 before being overtaken by Jynxzi in August 2023. The two have traded the number one position several times since then.

Cenat still holds the record for most all-time Twitch subscribers at over 300,000 from a “subathon” stream in 2022. His collaboration with Hart came amid a successful month that saw him lead Twitch in viewership during a 7-day marathon stream playing Elden Ring.

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