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Jazminn Johnson Unexpected Opportunities How One Woman Transformed Her Life Through Network Marketing


Jazminn Johnson: Unexpected Opportunities: How One Woman Transformed Her Life Through Network Marketing

In this interview, we had the honor of catching up with Jazminn Johnson, a social media content creator based in sunny Southern Spain who has used her online platforms to spearhead her network marketing business, thus allowing her to create her dream life of time and financial freedom. 

From darkness to light, Jazminn’s journey really is one of perseverance. 

How does one person navigate social media and a successful network marketing career, but still manage to find time for family, friends, and other relationships?

We wanted to get the inside scoop on Jazminn’s experience in the network marketing industry and how she juggles her successful online career with all other aspects of her life. 

Jazminn Johnson: Unexpected Opportunities: How One Woman Transformed Her Life Through Network Marketing

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Before we get started, our readers would love to know what inspired you to start your business and be an independent sales representative for Nu Skin?

“So, I’ll be really honest with you. The reason that I started working with Nu Skin was because I was an expat living in Spain, and I’d just recently lost my dad. At the same time, my now ex-husband of nine years decided he didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore – literally two weeks after my dad’s passing! I knew that I had to step into this role of being a single mom, living abroad, with no financial help from family or anything like that. No handouts. 

I’d already done network marketing many, many years ago, but I came away from it because I fell out of love with the company and the concept. So, I knew it was a good way of expanding my income, but I hadn’t yet come across a company or a product that I enjoyed enough to go back into that kind of role. 

I was desperate to supplement my income so that I could afford my apartment, pay my bills, and just move forward in life and not have to rely on anyone else. Being in that situation is definitely what pushed me into this business and got me started.”

For those of you who haven’t heard of Nu Skin before, the company sells personal care and supplement products. They’re a U.S. multilevel marketing company with over 1.2 million independent distributors. 

The company has won countless awards for its innovative beauty products, one of the most popular products the company offers is its famous Lumi Spa, a device that helps to cleanse the skin, reduce signs of aging, and increase collagen production and elasticity.

How did the pandemic impact your business?

“I’ve grown my business predominantly online because of Covid. And I would go as far as saying that my biggest audience comes from Instagram stories. It’s been the one place I’ve had to show up on every day.

During the pandemic, I had no other way to do this business apart from online. So I got to work and spent a lot of hours behind my phone, behind my computer, and engaging with people. It really was a full-time job, and I just kept my head down, and got to work – and for the whole of 2020, I didn’t go out and socialize with people. That’s how I grew.”

On a more personal note, what challenges have you faced as a business owner and mother? How have you been able to juggle balancing motherhood, work, and being pregnant with a second child?

“I wouldn’t say I’ve faced challenges, nor do I feel my business has affected me being a mother because it’s kind of done the opposite for me. 

The only challenge I would say I’ve experienced was in the first year of growing my online business, I had to put my heart and soul into it, as well as continuing to work my hairdressing job – because in an online business, money can be made quite quickly, but I wanted long-term success.

So even though at the beginning it was a bit of a juggling act, it all balanced itself out very quickly. The initial hard work and sacrifice are what’s allowed me to be in a situation where I’m able to be the flexible mom that I’ve always wanted to be. 

I feel like the benefits of network marketing or affiliate marketing are hugely rewarding, especially for parents, because you can adapt your schedule around your kids, as opposed to having to work for someone else and have your hours dictated each month.

Nowadays, I have to be more disciplined because, of course, being pregnant I’m a lot more tired and perhaps my evenings aren’t as productive as they used to be. So I’ve changed my routine and working hours. But again, I just feel fortunate to be in a business that allows me to have so much flexibility.”

What would you say has been the biggest success of your business so far? What has been the most rewarding part of your journey so far?

“The biggest success of my business so far is becoming an independent woman. I’m sure that sounds cheesy or corny, but when I was married, even though I had my career I felt like I was always destined for more. I always wanted more, but I could never quite get out of my comfort zone. 

If I hadn’t pushed myself at the beginning of my journey with Nu Skin I wouldn’t have been able to put the food on the table, put a roof over my head, and pay the bills, so for me, the biggest success of my business is the financial freedom and stability.

Another part of this journey that’s been rewarding is my personal growth. My confidence, self-belief, and self-worth, are just sky-high compared to what I was. I always say the Jazz back then is a shadow of what I am now.

So for me, it’s more about the person that I’ve become and that self-belief and confidence in everything is something I can now pass down to my children as well.”

How have you used social media to help grow your business?

“Before starting with Nu Skin there was no real reason for me to have social platforms, there was no real purpose behind me posting a picture, sharing a status, or anything like that. So when I realized that social media platforms were tools that I could leverage to grow my business, attract people to my offering, to engage and build relationships – that’s when things started to change!

I remember, originally I used stories as a starting point and posted about my life through the lockdown and the things I was doing with my son, while also sharing about Nu Skin’s products and the benefits I was seeing in my skin. I quickly began to realize, that the more I posted the more I was growing.

Once I realized I’m the brand, not Nu Skin, that’s when I started to see the most growth.”

What strategies have you used to build a successful social media presence and increase your income?

“I feel like I’m probably repeating myself here, but for me, it’s just consistency. It’s about being consistent. It’s about not just going on social media and posting for the sake of it. I always think to myself, how much value can I give to someone if I’m on my stories? 

I like to call my strategy attraction marketing. Because I use my social media platform to attract more people to my business. I attract them to the lifestyle that I have because I know once they’re part of my team that’s the lifestyle they can achieve for themselves. 

In fact, I’ve got so much time and freedom and that’s super attractive to moms and parents.

I also refuse to use any of these websites and apps that engage you and help you in that way. I’ve never used anything like that. It’s always been me behind my Instagram engagement.”

How have you been able to stay motivated and focused in your business?

“At first, I struggled to stay motivated, given everything that was going on in my personal life at the time. But, luckily my mentor Taylor recognized this and she started to work with me on mindset, self-belief, and confidence, which I had nothing of at the time. She introduced me to people’s inspirational content within network marketing, such as Tony Robbins and Eric Worre, professionals who have been in this industry for years.

This led me to understand there are daily habits that you can bring into your life to help you gain more focus and drive with your business because staying motivated can be quite difficult when you work for yourself. 

I also had somewhat of an epiphany – no more watching TV at night! I was someone who would finish their day, come home, and once my son had gone to bed I’d pop them on TV. I decided that the content I wanted to consume had to feed my mind positively or nourish my soul. 

So instead, I started listening to podcasts and audiobooks. One of my favorites is Steven Bartlett’s The Diary Of A CEO. I also invested in a life coach, called Xavier from London, and I used to meet with him once a week. Then we kind of cut it down from once every two weeks to once every month. I did that for a year, and it was such a worthwhile investment.”

What advice would you give to women who want to use social media to grow their business?

Just be yourself, be authentically you. You are the person that someone comes to look at. You are the person they’re invested in, you are the person they follow. You are the person that they just find fun to watch stories with.

If you stage social media, if you aren’t yourself, if you try to be someone different, it just won’t work. You’ve just got to be yourself and have that authenticity, across your social media platforms – whatever ones you’re using. 

When you’re using social media for network marketing and if you’re in a business where you have to bring more people in and grow a team, everything has to be about them. It’s not about you, it’s about them. It’s about helping them grow. It’s about helping them get further in their business. It’s about watching them succeed and being their biggest cheerleaders. If you can do that online, you’re going to have huge success.”

Lastly, what plans do you have for your business and personal life over the next 5 years? And where can our readers find you?

“In business, my main goal is to get my team to the top. I want to see them go on their success trips each year – which are literally all-inclusive five-star holidays that the company covers for top-performing team members. I want to see my team members ticking off their goal boards, and achieving all of their wildest dreams. 

Another goal is to expand my business throughout Europe. Right now, my team is predominantly in the UK and Spain. I’d also love to bring on American team members as well.

When it comes to more personal goals, my partner and I have decided that we’d love to start using our extra income to invest in other businesses. In fact, one dream we have is to open a restaurant in Marbella. Ultimately, we want to be able to continue to live this amazing life that we’ve created where we can be present and focused on our children and each other, allowing for flexibility, time freedom, and less stress, thanks to our financial situation and online businesses.”

If you enjoyed this interview, you can follow Jazminn and her journey with network marketing on Instagram and TikTok

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