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How to Use Shopify Collabs to Increase Affiliate Marketing Deals


How to Use Shopify Collabs to Increase Affiliate Marketing Deals

Shopify has helped a plethora of influencers build prosperous and self-sustaining revenue streams, increasing their financial stability in this ever-growing market. With more than 2.1 million daily active users, this platform is also seen to be supporting small businesses from around the world. Shopify is now turning its focus on influencer marketing, building a platform to help businesses seek out the best influencer for them. Netinfluencer has everything you need to know about Shopify Collabs. 

What Is Shopify?

First established in 2006, Shopify is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that allows users to purchase and sell an assortment of items. Vendors can use this platform to build their own storefronts and make use of a range of point-of-sale systems.

One of the key benefits of Shopify is that it is entirely cloud-based, meaning that vendors can access their store’s data from any compatible device and from any location. This data offers everything a business would need to be successful such as inventory, payments, and shipping details.

Sellers can also link their Shopify store to their other social media platforms, allowing potential customers to find and purchase new items all within the confines of one app.

How to Use Shopify Collabs to Increase Affiliate Marketing Deals


What Is Shopify Collabs?

In August 2022, the platform announced the launch of its latest venture, Shopify Collabs. This differs from the former platform as it focuses more on community management and recruitment. Sellers can use Shopify Collabs to hire new influencers to promote their brand on their active platforms. 

These influencers can be found on Shopify’s expansive database, alongside their key metrics such as follower counts and engagement rates. The platform also allows vendors to create affiliate links and discount codes to build flourishing programs to help boost their visibility in their respective markets. 

Shopify Collabs also presents a very detailed dashboard, highlighting how influencers are affecting the brand. Here, sellers can see how many sales have been made, what types of gifts have been redeemed, and how much commission they are offering. 

How Do I Access the App?

Shopify Collabs is currently in early access so budding users must join a waiting list before they can fully join the platform. To join this list, users must enter their creator page and then select ‘Get early access.’

From here, sellers must link their email addresses so they can successfully build an account that is linked to their store. Once you have opened the verification email, you will be sent to a ‘Tell us about yourself page, where you will be prompted to link your relevant social media accounts and give more information about your business.

When your business has been approved, you will be able to access the creator marketplace as part of your normal Shopify experience. The Shopify Collabs app can be downloaded from Shopify’s collection of accompanying platforms, which can usually be found on their website. 

What Features Are Included?

Access to the Shopify Creator Marketplace 

Shopify Collabs aims to push influencer marketing into the center stage, helping this type of marketing to overtake more traditional forms. This creator marketplace is teeming with certified creators and presents their key metrics in a digestible format.

 As such, brands can scan through a wide variety of influencers and connect with those who are best suited to their campaign. Plus, creators can also apply to be a part of this community, allowing their application to be viewed by a collection of iconic businesses. 

How to Use Shopify Collabs to Increase Affiliate Marketing Deals


Send Gifts To Certain Influencers

This platform also allows brands to partake in product seeding, a process where brands send gifts to certain creators in the hopes that they will promote the product on their platform. As this feature is built into the original Shopify platform, businesses can track their gift and ensure that it is logged into their inventory data. Therefore, vendors do not have to worry about losing track of their items. 

Release Affiliate Links and Discount Codes

If you are looking to build an affiliate marketing program, Shopify Collabs can help you build a series of links and discount codes that you can offer to your desired influencer. Sellers can also customize their commission rate and structure within this feature, which can be altered at any time. You can also pay influencers their affiliate commission directly through this platform. 

Analytics Data 

Shopify Collabs also presents a wide assortment of analytics data that can be linked to your normal Shopify account. In turn, sellers can monitor their progress as well as their affiliate data all from one place. Users can also make changes at any time, ensuring that they are always able to keep up with the demands of the market. 

How to Use Shopify Collabs to Increase Affiliate Marketing Deals


Benefits of Using Shopify Collabs as an Influencer

There is no doubt that Shopify Collabs is a very beneficial platform for businesses but it also offers a range of incentives for influencers. By applying for the creator marketplace, you can place yourself ahead of a wide variety of competitors without the hassle. Moreover, brands can view your application, meaning that you have more chances to sell yourself as a competent creator. 

Shopify has also announced that the payment from an affiliate link will be transferred via Paypal. This is a real plus for influencers as it means that they can be paid in their local currency, no matter where the business is located. It also means that they do not have to contact the business directly if there is an issue with the payment, which is also important if there is a language barrier or differences in time zones. Paypal is also a trustworthy platform that is accepted around the world. 

Shopify Collabs also helps to speed up the time it takes to build a successful influencer marketing campaign. This platform eliminates the need for traditional outreach and unnecessary conversations as brands can see all of your information within the marketplace. As a result, influencers are less likely to waste their time and energy on a campaign that is not best suited for them. 

How to Use Shopify Collabs to Increase Affiliate Marketing Deals


Shopify Collabs opens up a wealth of opportunities for both creators and merchants, creating professional and profitable relationships between the two. This platform also signifies an increased interest in influencer marketing and the benefits that can come from this type of work. To discover more about working with influencers on your next campaign, visit our website

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