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How to Use Influencer Marketing for FMCG


How to Use Influencer Marketing for FMCG

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector is growing at an exponential rate of 14.7%. This means that the industry is expected to grow to a market share of nearly $220 billion by 2025. Many of these successful brands are now using influencer marketing to help these products see more growth with new audiences. In turn, Netinfluencer will detail how influencers can help sway consumer habits in the FMCG sector.

What Are FMCGs?

FMCG refers to a selection of products that are sold quickly and at an affordable price point. These products are also often named consumer packaged goods due to their accessible and easy-to-purchase nature. 

FMCGs also boast high-volume sales but low-profit margins, signifying the competitive nature of this entire industry. Examples of these products include soda, fresh produce, and even OTC medication such as paracetamol. 

How to Use Influencer Marketing for FMCG


How Popular Are These Products?

Data has shown that FMCGs account for more than half of all consumer spending, highlighting the essential nature of these products. This growth has been accumulating since 2010 when around 23 FMCG brands were a part of the world’s top 100 companies. 

E-commerce has also greatly impacted the FMCG sector. Now that consumers can have groceries delivered to their door in just a few hours, these brands have now developed a new revenue stream.

For example, data from Southeast Asia determines that an online shopper’s basket is anywhere between 1.6 and 4 times larger than their in-store basket. This shows that consumers see online shopping as a much more diverse and popular option than a typical retail store. 

How to Use Influencer Marketing for FMCG


Examples of using Influencers and FMCGs is a subscription-based pet food service that delivers expertly-curated dog food directly to a customer’s door. In order to become more competitive against other pet food brands as well as online subscription services, partnered with a range of YouTubers and Instagram influencers to help promote its services.

The campaign encouraged selected creators to implement a short sponsored segment within their videos that would help to inspire other pet owners to purchase a personalized plan. For example, YouTuber Emily Canham shared a discount code with her 1.23 million subscribers and showcased what a potential customer would receive each month. 

Overall, the campaign gathered a total of 1.1 million views and amassed 2014 comments across all of the content produced. 

How to Use Influencer Marketing for FMCG


Throughout the course of 21 influencer campaigns, TROPICO managed to achieve a 5.89% engagement rate on Instagram and an additional rate of 19.63% on TikTok. This brand is best known for its wide variety of fruit drinks and has been operating in France since 1982.

This data is particularly impressive, especially when the official TROPICO France TikTok account has less than 100 followers and has only posted two videos. Thus, it seems that even with very little content, TROPICO has still managed to reap the benefits of working with influencers.

On TikTok, TROPICO launched its True Colors campaign, which pulled upon influencers such as le_vincent_le_vrai to taste the drink and then show how a once bland world is now filled with color. This video received 53.7K likes and a further 144 comments. 

The campaign also focused on the power of Gen Z, hoping that by using influencers within this demographic, they would be able to inspire other young people to purchase the products in-store. 

How to Use Influencer Marketing for FMCG

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble, otherwise known as P&G, is a leading consumer goods corporation that is responsible for brands such as Tide, Oral-B, and Gain. During the height of the pandemic, P&G teamed up with TikToker Charli D’Amelio to create the Distance Dance.

This campaign saw D’Ameilo completing a unique dance to help promote P&G’s charity work for Feeding America. For the first 3 million videos using this dance, the company promised to donate funds to families in need.

At the time, it became the TikToker’s most-watched video, with the hashtag collating an incredible 14.2 billion views in just over a month. The video itself received 6.9 million likes and was shared 132.5K times.

P&G valued D’Amelio’s ability to interact with younger generations and hoped that her work would inspire other people to donate to relevant causes.

How to Use Influencer Marketing for FMCG

Benefits of Using Influencers in a FMCG Campaign

Influencer marketing has the potential to benefit any type of brand, including those within the FMCG sector. If you are looking to maximize the fast-selling nature of these products, influencers can help you to promote your product to an entirely new audience. As a result, your brand has the ability to reap a new customer base without having to produce any marketing material yourselves. 

In addition, by offering an influencer your product to use in their content, your audience will have a better idea of its nuances. For example, you could send an influencer a selection of drinks to review. Therefore, their audience will have a more detailed idea of how your products taste, which can inspire them to purchase the product during their next trip to the supermarket. 

The popular and household nature of FMCGs means that a number of different influencers can be used in your campaigns. In turn, many brands will not struggle to find an influencer to fulfill the interests of that niche. Furthermore, if you are working for a very iconic brand that is known worldwide, you are more likely to be able to work with a very popular influencer. This can help to ensure a higher ROI and success rate for your influencer marketing campaign. 

How to Use Influencer Marketing for FMCG


The FMCG sector offers a lot of insight into our typical buying habits and has managed to increase the potential for some of the world’s leading brands. Influencer marketing has also allowed these businesses to enter untapped market segments and begin selling their products to a wealth of lucrative customers. To discover more about building a successful influencer marketing campaign, visit our website

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