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How To Promote Your Online Course on Social Media


How To Promote Your Online Course on Social Media

Online courses have received a tremendous amount of traction in the last few years, inspiring other influencers and creators to jump on the trend. In fact, data from April 2022 states that the online learning sector is valued at over $240 billion. With such a competitive market ahead of us, it is vital that you sell and promote your course in engaging ways, helping to attract more customers and revenue in the long run. Netinfluencer has a few tips and tricks to help you further promote your online course on social media.

What Is an Online Course?

Simply, online courses are the same as traditional learning courses, except they are presented and shared in an entirely virtual space. Thus, this eliminates the need for teachers, lecturers, or conventional learning environments. 

These types of courses can vary in style and format such as training modules or standard academic courses. Online courses can also be found on a range of different topics with the same aim to teach potential students and allow them to apply this knowledge in new situations. 

How To Promote Your Online Course on Social Media


Why Are They Becoming So Popular?

Online courses have become more prevalent since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, with schools and universities around the world making the transformative leap into the world of online learning. Economic forecasts also show that this market has an extremely high value, reaching estimates of $350 billion by 2025.

In addition, online courses have made it easier and more accessible for audiences to learn something new. By accessing the course online and completing the tasks whenever they please, many individuals do not feel a typical sense of academic pressure. This has helped to make learning enjoyable and easy to manage. 

A collection of popular influencers have also branched out into the world of online learning, helping to share their skills and resources with their mass following. These courses can range from fitness tips to wider social media strategies. As such, influencers have the ability to create additional revenue streams using skills that they have gained throughout their career. 

How To Promote Your Online Course on Social Media


10 Ways to Promote Your Online Course on Social Media

Social media can be an incredibly effective marketing tool, especially in relation to online learning. Listed below are just 10 ways you can boost your online course on social media.

  1. Use a Certified Platform

Just like social media, online learning platforms can also determine a course’s success. Sites such as Udemy and FutureLearn are valid and legitimate platforms that collect and express a variety of online courses. Not to mention, they also offer access to a very profitable customer base. In order to make use of these platforms, you must first submit your course for wider approval. Once this has been completed, your content will become shareable and can be spread across a variety of platforms at a very quick rate. 

  1. Post Content to Suitable Platforms

Finding the right audience on social media can be tricky, particularly if you are working across multiple platforms at once. However, when you are trying to promote your online course, it is paramount that you share it with an applicable audience. For example, if you have created a B2B marketing course, LinkedIn may be the best platform to use. That being said, you are still encouraged to have links to your course on all of your social media platforms. 

How To Promote Your Online Course on Social Media


  1. Offer Discounts or Special Offers

Although online courses may seem like a luxury item to some, a considerable discount can help attract new customers. Influencers can reduce prices or create unique bundles at specific times of the year such as Black Friday or Christmas, helping to remain competitive during these busier times. Plus, some online learning platforms run frequent discounts, which can also help to gain new users. 

  1. Build a LinkTree For Easy Access

LinkTree is a very useful tool that allows users to create their very own launchpad which hosts all of their content in one place. This can be helpful if you are selling multiple products at once such as merchandise or event tickets. A LinkTree can hold a singular link to your online course, making it easier for customers to find and discover more information. Plus, LinkTrees are very simple to make and can be implemented across a range of social media platforms. 

  1. Create Content That Further Explains the Course

Unfortunately, social media marketing is not a simple job and requires multiple strategies occurring at one time. Thus, your online course might need some additional content to accompany it. This can be in the form of a simple infographic that outlines the objectives of the course or it can be a short Q&A session to answer any potential customer’s burning questions. Regardless, you must discuss the complexities of the course in order to push promotion efforts in the right direction.

How To Promote Your Online Course on Social Media


  1. Use Influencer Marketing to Increase Engagement

Influencer marketing has seen an abundance of success, with many influencers becoming ambassadors for some of the largest brands in the world. This type of marketing can do wonders for your online course as it allows potential customers to learn more about the course through a creator that they trust and value. Influencer marketing can also provide access to untapped markets, which can be helpful if you are creating educational content for a unique niche. 

  1. Make Use of Multiple Formats

The true beauty of online learning is that it is not expected to follow the structure and style of traditional educational resources. Therefore, online courses can adhere to an assortment of styles and tones. An example of this is 1-1 coaching sessions that allow a trained professional to work with a client in real-time using a platform such as Zoom. This can give customers the opportunity to learn more about the topic in a more personable way, something that is very rare in a normal classroom setting.


  1. Live Streams Can Help to Answer Important Questions

Live streaming can produce the vibrancy and energy of a conventional classroom and yet still place it in the homes of the customers. Platforms such as YouTube and Twitch allow creators to interact with students in a more amicable setting and help solve all of their problems and queries. Furthermore, these platforms can also allow customers to send other monetary benefits, helping to increase your existing earnings from the online course.

  1. Create Accompanying Resources for Viewers to Use

Teachers will often produce worksheets and booklets to help advance their student’s learning. Online learning is no different and if you want your customers to gain the most out of your course, a few additional materials can help do so. These materials do not have to be incredibly detailed but they should help to structure a student’s knowledge and ensure they understand the content fully. Again, you can link these worksheets to  your social media profiles or make them a part of the course as a whole.

How To Promote Your Online Course on Social Media


  1. Run Virtual Events for Community Building

An online community can be an excellent asset to any creator as it can help them build a strong base of recurring customers. Online learning can also benefit from community building, particularly when trying to motivate the class collectively. Virtual events can gather all of the customers in one place and push them to interact with one another. As a result, many customers can feel like they are gaining social opportunities from your course as well as educational benefits. 

Online courses can attract a wealth of opportunities for both influencers and brands, giving them the chance to unlock new customer markets and share their detailed knowledge with others. To discover more about how you can gain more engagement on social media, visit our website

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