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Scalable Engagement Service Fobi Partners with XInfluence


Data Intelligence Company Fobi Partners with Influencer Marketing Platform XInfluence in a Joint Reseller Agreement

Rob Anson, Founder and CEO of Fobi, shares about the recent partnership with influencer marketing platform XInfluence in a joint reseller agreement. Fobi’s technology helps its clients scale faster and more effectively through real-time data, AI technology, and their expertise to upgrade how companies operate and deliver value to their clients. Today, Rob Anson shares the benefits of the joint reseller agreement and what is next for Fobi.

About Fobi

Rob Anson is the Founder and CEO of Fobi. This data intelligence company digitally transforms businesses by integrating new digital technologies into all aspects of the business and improving how the company operates and delivers value to its clients. 

Fobi’s unique loT device integrates into existing company infrastructure to connect data across online and on-site platforms, allowing their clients to scale faster and most effectively.

Data Intelligence Company Fobi Partners with Influencer Marketing Platform XInfluence in a Joint Reseller Agreement


  • Fobi helps businesses make data-driven decisions, improve customer experiences, and reduce their carbon footprint by updating company operations to the digital world using real-time data analytics and AI. As a result, their customers save money and generate additional revenue. They work with some of the largest companies globally, especially in the retail, hospitality, tourism, sports, and entertainment space.

Rob shares, “We’ve put ourselves in a very interesting, strong position on the forefront of new innovation when it comes to Apple VAS  and Google VAS technology efforts. We love to provide ancillary value to users and form of loyalty, engagement, of course, access permission for venue access and manage ticketing and all these great things.”

Partnering with XInfluence

Recently, Fobi partnered with XInfluence, a leading influencer marketing platform, on a joint reseller agreement. XInfluence is a leading data and influencer platform serving Tier 1 CPG companies, including Jamison Whiskey, Marks & Spencer, and Unilever. They work closely with top agencies and brands to maximize ROI with data to utilize social media to drive business results for their clients. 

Data Intelligence Company Fobi Partners with Influencer Marketing Platform XInfluence in a Joint Reseller Agreement

The joint reseller agreement involves XInfluence reselling the Passcreator by Fobi Wallet pass platform to their future and current clientele. This integration allows brands to access information on their ROI and visibility on campaign attribution. Connecting a brand’s online and offline commerce to online promotion data will help brands assess the ROI their campaigns are driving and the effectiveness the campaigns have in increasing customer lifetime value. 

Additionally, the Passcreator by Fobi Wallet fosters a more direct relationship between a creator’s followers and the brand by allowing the brand to directly message the influencers’ followers’ mobile lock screens when the individual is near a store carrying the brand’s products. 

This feature encourages individuals to purchase the brand’s products in-store while measuring the total impact of the campaign on sales. 

In return, Fobi will resell the XInfluence media platform to its current and future customers. They will also generate new line revenue through the mutual reseller partnership, which further accelerates the growth of their affiliate and influencer platform for Qples. 

Rob shares, “It’s really about finding that one point of value or pain point and driving that solution home. That’s really where we focus the pain point today, being media marketing. How do I drive and quantify my web and social-based marketing and physical bricks and mortar retailer? That’s where we plug in our Wallet technology where you are the influencer, and you run a program on Instagram, TikTok, Snap, whatever it may be now.”

Data Intelligence Company Fobi Partners with Influencer Marketing Platform XInfluence in a Joint Reseller Agreement

After the influencer runs the program, their followers download the wallet, and a preloaded voucher is created with a single touch. Rob shares that this voucher could be for Maybelline Cosmetics, Ralph Lauren, etc. 

Then, the followers will have a credential to go in-store and claim a special discount, buy one get one, or other monetary value, increasing the need for customers to visit traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. 

Rob adds, “This will be the first time delivering media attribution from web social to physical brick and mortar [stores.].”

It’s a highly competitive market, and the ability to drive customers to brick-and-mortar stores from digital marketing solves a pain point for many companies. 

Since this partnership is newly formed, Rob could not share specific client success stories at this time. However, he shares that they are seeing great success and interest. 

What’s Next for Fobi

Fobi’s biggest markets are in the hospitality, fashion, insurance, healthcare, retail, and fintech industries. Rob explains that hospitality loyalty is a massive sector for Fobi, and they are probably the largest data aggregator for this industry across Canada. 

He shares that Fobi is looking to continue driving new innovations. 

“It’s very diverse. We go from security to access and facilitation of entry for the Oscars, as we did this year for the Academy Awards. Our technology is very industry agnostic, I would say. It can be used to transform really any operation or any experience.”

Data Intelligence Company Fobi Partners with Influencer Marketing Platform XInfluence in a Joint Reseller Agreement

In terms of Fobi’s future, Rob adds, “I think when we start to look at marketing, it’s really always been a cost center for every organization and now being able to leverage our data intelligence and segmentation to create this one-on-one Omni channel personalized experiential marketing that everyone’s talked about forever. We’re truly solving that today, and this isn’t something that’s hypothetical.”

Companies today are currently experiencing a situation where your engagement, promotions, and discounts make a huge difference when accredited to the right individuals. Rob adds that it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. 

“I think when we continue to push forward, it’s to continue to drive this marketing attribution and media spend to turn marketing into your cost from a call center to a revenue generation center. That’s really the big excitement that we’re seeing for some of the largest global agencies today, and we’re working with, and we’ll continue to push that new enabling technology towards driving digital transformation.”

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