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Influencer Marketing Via Quality Connections With Faisal Alqahtani, Co-founder And Chief Vision Officer of Amplifidor


Influencer Marketing Via Quality Connections With Faisal Alqahtani, Co-founder And Chief Vision Officer of Amplifidor 

Faisal Alqahtani, Co-founder and Chief Vision Officer of Amplifidor, is a well-known thought leader on social influence and the man behind many influencer marketing innovations, including “The Fair Market Pricing Initiative,” “The Direct Influence Strategy Format,” and “The Social Influence Matrix.” Earlier this year, Amplifidor finished its pre-seed funding which will be used to develop its relationship and partnerships platform, build sustainable growth, and incorporate Faisal’s social influence innovations.

Amplifidor is a mobile and web platform aiming to transform the influencer economy by bridging the gap between influencers, fans, and brands. Recently, Amplifidor closed its pre-seed funding led by several institutional and angel investors who saw the potential in Amplifidor’s unique approach to influencer marketing and brand collaborations. 

Influencer Marketing Via Quality Connections With Faisal Alqahtani, Co-founder And Chief Vision Officer of Amplifidor 

Influencer Marketing Via Quality Connections With Faisal Alqahtani, Co-founder And Chief Vision Officer of Amplifidor 

What Inspired You To Develop Amplifidor?

Amplifidor was inspired by industry trends of brands using micro-influencers on a large scale for campaigns. This trend has led to more brands honing in on using active social networkers, who may not consider themselves professional influencers but who actually wield a lot of social influence online. 

Faisal shares, “Amplifidor is how we take those active social networkers that brands do not see as influencers. However, we see them as influencers. Their followers are their real connections, not some artificial followers like most influencers have – they are their friends, families, and colleagues. They know you very well, your strong points, expertise, and passion about things, and they trust you on a whole other level.”

He adds that they have tested using active social networkers with several big projects. They have seen tremendous results where the impact and brand savings were significant – at least ten times the impact and savings per project. 

Amplifidor’s Discovery Platform

Amplifidor’s unique discovery platform connects influencers, brands, and fans. 

Faisal shares, “We have a dedicated discovery tab in our platform that’s all about enabling both influencers and mobilizing the brands so they discover each other and the mission and opportunities that resonate the most with them. They can also discover connections, acquire, and establish them.”

Influencer Marketing Via Quality Connections With Faisal Alqahtani, Co-founder And Chief Vision Officer of Amplifidor 

Recent Pre-Seed Funding

Amplifidor recently closed its pre-seed funding. This round will allow the team to build the business by launching the platform, media, and value-add services for their stakeholders. 

Faisal explains, “That [funding] goes into building the technology, the team, and the operations. The team is made up of the best talents all over the world who believe in our mission of making this industry more efficient and more inclusive to smaller players who want to be an influencer and build their influence for different purposes, whether it’s personal, professional, or entrepreneurial purposes.”

With social media’s prevalence, everybody can use it in at least one way to go after their dreams. Amplifidor allows active social networkers to earn money to support their goals while doing something they enjoy. 

The press release also announced that Mr. Adel Alsubeaei would join Amplifidor’s board of directors. Mr. Adel Alsubeaei is an experienced tech investor and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience investing in and establishing businesses.

Faisal notes, “He joined as a member of the board to help us build a world-class business foundation and network from the beginning.”

Social Media Innovations

Faisal has developed many well-known social media innovations, including “The Fair Market Pricing Initiative” and “The Social Influence Matrix.”  

His team will integrate these innovations into Amplifidor as the platform is built. 

The Fair Pricing Initiative considers the best pricing mechanisms based on ROI for brands and agencies, which helps brands receive fair results, and influencers receive a reasonable fee that allows them to sustain partnerships with brands. 

For the Social Influence Matrix, Faisal shares that you need four main components for your campaign to be truly successful: 

  1. Provide the audience with the must-know information about your product
  2. Invent a vivid image of your brand and its value and culture that creates affinity
  3. Give them a platform to communicate and reap the benefits of your brand
  4. Focus on building a network of genuine relations out of this campaign (i.e., converting customers from the campaign into lifelong relations)

The Main Challenges Facing the Influencer Industry

Faisal stresses that the biggest challenge they see is perception. 

He comments, “Most brands only look at the numbers, like if you have a hundred thousand or a million followers – they don’t see the influence level you have, the connection… I can have a million followers but a very weak influence on each of them. That’s the first problem.”

Followers don’t always equal high engagement, which leaves brands with a low ROI, often at a higher price point with established influencers. 

Faisal and the Amplifidor team want to tackle this perception by helping brands, and agencies look at everybody as an influencer. 

Faisal adds, “The other challenge we have depends on the parts of the world, but most regions are introducing some regulatory policies around influencer marketing, trust, scams, all those things, negative social communication… It’s going to be a policy regulatory challenge that we’re going to try to help and shape with our partners.”

The third challenge he sees is attribution at scale. In short, how can brands better track results, especially when working with so many smaller influencers? 

Lastly, he notes that inclusivity is a considerable challenge. 

He explains, “Gen Z and younger all want to be an influencer or content creator given the right platform and opportunity, but the problem is the competition for the eyeballs, and the number of social networks are increasing. The only solution is to build communities, not audiences, and we want to enable that dynamic through our platform.”

Public Beta Release in the MENA Region

Amplifidor is releasing the alpha and beta versions soon in the MENA region, providing the platform with results to solidify the user experience and journey, in one of the most dynamic and growing regions in the world. The feedback will help Amplifidor make adjustments so the experience is as seamless and empowering as possible for all users. 

Faisal adds, “A few months after that, we’ll expand to more regions where everybody from all over the world can sign up and use our platform. It’s totally free to use the platform. We don’t believe in putting a paywall or subscription fees. We’re only going to have one criteria – the quality of your connections and the passion to co-influence. 

Building Sustainable Growth

Sustainable growth is critical for brands and creators growing online to contribute to a sustainable world. 

Faisal explains, “We’d like to see active networkers turn into influencers, then entrepreneurs. From the brand side, we see brands employees grow into top professionals and then domain influencers, then they spin off from that organization, creating more amazing businesses because they have the influence to kickstart it and grow it by themselves with minimum need of an investment with the power of their community.”

In the future, Faisal shares that the Amplifidor team will announce potential collaborations and partnerships with marketplaces with digital businesses. They are also looking for technology partnerships with social media platforms and data platforms to give users better insights into how they are doing and dive deeper into performance attribution with higher accuracy.

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