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All About Dumb Blonde Podcast A Comedic Take On Pop Culture, Fashion And Beauty


All About Dumb Blonde Podcast: A Comedic Take On Pop Culture, Fashion And Beauty

We’ve all heard of the dumb blonde stereotype, but this blonde got things rolling for her and is anything but dumb. 

Bunnie Deford is a podcaster specializing within the baddie niche, covering everything fashion, music, and trends in a rock n roll kickass manner. 

All About Dumb Blonde Podcast: A Comedic Take On Pop Culture, Fashion And Beauty

The podcast is becoming increasingly popular and ranks on apple’s top 200 podcast list due to the famous guests interviewed. 

Bunnie invites everyone hot and trendy, mainly young women like herself, who made a name for themselves in the online influencer space.

Before the podcast and marriage of the famous country singer, she appeared on PlayBoy TV, modeled for FashionNova, and headlined RollingLoud’s Influencer marketing campaigns.

She’s known for her fast-paced lifestyle of modeling, production, and podcasting; Bunnie XO even owns her own production company, Bunnie productions. 

Aside from everything she has going on, Bunnie is married to the famous Country/hip-hop artist Jelly Roll. Read along as we delve into the Dumb Blonde podcast, and explain how Bunnie is carving out her way in a super-saturated market. 

The creator behind the Dumb Blonde Podcast 

The podcast is a product of Bunnie’s online influence; it launched in May 2020 and has come a long way since then. 

Bunnie is an online influencer more than anything else, and the Dumb Blonde podcast is a product of her trendsetting authority over the fashion industry.

The podcast started as a new venture like any other of her online careers and continued thanks to Bunnie’s immense following on different social platforms that fed her podcast to grow. 

Themes and topics Covered 

The dumb blond podcast is a balance of trendy, sexy, daring, and tasteful content. It combines everything from fashion to relationship advice and interviews with mega names in the influencer space. 

However, despite being overly popular and interviewing many TikTok and Youtube superstars, most of Bunnie’s best episodes are with her family. 

Many may claim Bunnie’s key to success in her career is her country star husband, with over 10 viral songs, each accumulating over 45 million views. 

The singer’s assistance is undoubtedly there, but even without it, Bunnie already had a following of over 1 million on Instagram and TikTok before being known as Jelly’s wife. 

Topics and themes vary based on the guest being interviewed, but here’s a range of episodes that illustrate a complete description of what you can expect when tuning in to the Dumb Blonde show.

Bunnie & Jelly Answering IG Sex & Relationship Questions

The single most-viewed episode from the dumb blonde podcast, where Jelly and Bunnie answer questions from IG users in quarantine.

The humble, easy-going celebrity duo loves interacting and sharing thoughts with their fans and collaborate as the cutest rockstar couple in this trending episode. 

Daring personal questions about their sexual life pop up, as Jelly gives wholesome relationship advice and elaborates on how they met and how fast everything fell into place, a “when you know, you know” romantic story. 

An exciting dialog that offers the most comprehensive view into the life of Bunnie and her husband. Their open relationship will leave some shocked, but this is the perfect episode for those who want to jump right into what the podcast is all about. 

Dumb Blonde Podcast: Adam Calhoun 

From Rags to Riches, Bunnie interviews rapper and founder of Acal clothing Adam Calhoun. An episode in which Adam opens up about his life growing up and how he and Bunnie had a similar rough upbringing. 

Adam mixes country and Rap/hip-hop, something similar to what Jelly Roll does, but leaning more towards old-school rap; popular tracks include Ramble on, You ain’t Shxt, and Yeezus Christ. 

Jelly then joins the podcast on camera to relate and elaborate on the similar experiences adam had growing up. 

Both guys steal the show as the discuss what it was like growing up in the same city, starring in the same genre, and competing for his place as a “White Rapper” when there was almost none around.

Gabbie Egan: A Trainwreck on the Right Path

TikTok sensation Gabbie Egan hops on set to discuss how she’s dealing with new fame, internet hate, and annoying issues coming up. 

Gabbie says she didn’t realize how much influence she had over her TikTok fans until recently, and she feels like she’s not ready for it yet. 

Like most episodes, this podcast is only available through Patreon with a quick 4min snippet on Youtube to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Gabbie makes the wildest Tie Dye clothing; however, nowadays, she markets her bubbly personality more than t-shirts and jackets. With 4.5 million on TikTok and 225,000 on Instagram, you can find and buy Gabbies’ work on Etsy and Dpop.

Reach of the Dumb Blonde Podcast

Bunnie, the host of the Dumb Blonde podcast, has over 252,000 subscribers on Youtube, 933.000 followers on Instagram, and over 3.3 million followers on Tik Tok.

On youtube, where view statistics are readily available, it appears that the average podcast receives between 8,000 views and 12,000 views per episode.

As of January 2023, the Dumb blonde podcast was ranked #51 on Apple podcasts’ top 200 charts.

Based on this analysis, we estimated that the Dumb Blonde podcast receives 250k – 350k listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

Format of the podcast 

Bunnie is a bold personality that can talk about and flawlessly rock any conversational topic; still, her deliverance and openness to discussion differentiate her from other podcasts on the market. 

Get ready for a blast of Sex-talk, Music, Fashion inspiration, and hilarious back and forths with some of the most prominent personalities online. 

The podcast is not limited to one specific guest demographic; it is for everyone pop-culture-related. Expect IG models, TikTok Superstars, singers, and more.

Reception and impact 

The Dumb Blonde podcast is for country girls, rockstars, and fashion-savvy queens who strive to keep up with the fast-paced life of influencers and models. 

It’s not for the masses and only appeals to a specific demographic. What we love most about it is the openness of discussion and the level of engagement with fans and listeners. 

Funny, inspiring, and always onto what’s hot, you can catch Bunnie on almost any streaming platform, with her best content being on Patreon, OnlyFans, and TikTok. 

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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