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All About Disney Minus Podcast A Review Of The Latest Disney+ Shows And Movies


All About Disney Minus Podcast: A Review Of The Latest Disney+ Shows And Movies

The Disney Minus Podcast is a review show about Disney movies featuring Star Wars and Marvel, hosted by Stephen Moore, Aeraseth Alvarez (who goes by the stage name, Holiday Hellion), and Kat.

The talk show discusses the plots of the films, evaluates the overall quality, and highlights their humorous aspects.

It has successfully aired 97 episodes over the course of 3 years, with the first episode having aired on August 28, 2020.

Format of the podcast

The podcast starts with a sound effect followed by the intro “Welcome to the Disney Minus Podcast”.

Right after the music and the warm opening lines by one of the three hosts, the podcast begins with a brief introduction of the movie being chosen for the review.

The discussions in the podcast are usually exhilarating and interesting because they are spontaneous and uninhibited.

While Kat, one of the hosts, shares funny anecdotes about every topic they discuss, Stephen and Nero carry the podcast with a laid-back and upbeat feel. 

On the first anniversary of the program, a new episode of the podcast “Bear Fever” was released, in which the film “The Country Bears” is discussed.

The podcast continues with several inside jokes as Nero pinpoints that the only amusing aspect of the film, was when everyone incorrectly assumed that Pete Best is dead.

The rest of the episode talks about the entertaining and controversial aspects of the movie.

With its witty humor, the Disney Minus podcast has a mature vibe, making the content a bit explicit and uncensored.

Although the show claims to revolve around movies, most of the content is filled with on and off-set jokes and even sci-fi humor. 

In the episode “Don’t think about it” for example, the hosts discuss the terrifying implications of the Cars universe in a witty and comical way.

All Disney Minus shows are extremely long.

Even the shortest episode lasts an hour. The longer episodes can last up to 3 hours!

The episode titled “The Mob Ended Racism,” which was about the movie “Zootopia,” lasted longer than the movie itself.

It began with Disney’s story of deceiving people into making fur suits and the metaphor this represents for racism.

Shortly after, the hosts are joined in by a guest, and from here the show discusses topics more focused on Disney in general than Zootopia 

The podcasts eventually end, sometimes with funny or soothing music, or occasionally with the same tone of conversation throughout the episode.

Reach and influence of the podcast 

The podcast has 4.2 out of 5 ratings on Apple Podcasts which suggests that the content is appreciated a lot by the audience.

But, with limited online participation from the hosts, the show doesn’t seem to be as hyped. 

On Twitter, the podcast has 76 followers while its Discord server has 59 users.

Even the hosts Stephen, Nero, and Kat have only 85, 118, and 13 followers on Twitter, respectively.

According to our analysis, the “Disney Minus Podcast” receives between 100 and 1000 cumulative listeners per episode on the Apple, Pinecast, and Spotify podcast networks.

Reception and Impact

It is difficult to critically evaluate the opinions of the masses about the podcast because there is limited activity on social media.

However, it is clear from the ratings and reviews that the podcast is inventive and manages to captivate and interest its listeners (even if they seem few).

The podcast mostly attracts younger generations because of its raw, incisive, and humorous vibe.

We believe the Disney Minus podcast is a wonderful talk show to enjoy while listening to reviews of some of your favorite Disney movies from its three excellent hosts.

Final thoughts 

Try listening to the Disney Minus podcast if you want to hear some engaging and honest and sincere reviews of Disney episodes and movies with a dash of dark humor.

The podcast is easily streamable on numerous platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts,, and others.

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