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Dan Bongino Podcast A Review Of One Of The Most Popular Political Podcasts On The Market


Dan Bongino Podcast: A Review Of One Of The Most Popular Political Podcasts On The Market

About Dan Bongino

A special take on American politics. Unlike many other political podcasts, this podcast finds a medium balance between all political opinions with a slight bias towards one specific party.

Dan the host is a stand-up conservative who is often invited to different conservative radio shows and programs thus his popularity and a large following.

Dan Bongino Podcast: A Review Of One Of The Most Popular Political Podcasts On The Market

Dan Bongino is an ex-NYPD special agent and New York Times best-selling author of many unique books such as Follow the Money: The Shocking Deep State Connections of the Anti-Trump Cabal, and Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away from It All. 

A very successful individual even aside from the podcast he hosts, a host who has so much to offer, he is almost doing the world a favor with his podcast. 

What differentiates dan from other people in the space is his deliverance of what he presents, bold, and loud, yet respectful of every guest and co-host, with no fear to address what others may not want to hear. 

Running for congress multiple times, with no luck.  Dan finally found a way to serve his political party of choice without being fully involved in the political system. 

Although Dan’s podcast is still in its growth stage, the political advocate has been canceled by Youtube after reaching around 800,000 followers.

Dan decided to shift to Rumble a platform known for free speech and opinionated individuals” and ever since Dan has seen nothing but praise and success. 

Themes and Topics covered 

Anti wokeness, and modern media propaganda, The Dan Bongino podcast is an uncensored  reflection of what every republican would love to say but can’t on the mainstream news.

However aside from what you’d expect from a conservative podcast, Dan is also working on diversifying his offering. 

Recent episodes include insights on tech, the lives of new U.S. immigrants, spiritual awakening stories of different hosts, and everything wrong with American politics according to Dan. 

Some of the most viewed episodes in the Dan Bongino show include 

Hard to believe what we found in the spending bill 

In this popular episode posted back in December 2022, Dan takes a dive into what the democratic parties plan to spend their dedicated national budgets on, and he is not happy. 

From border patrol and investigation budgets to undeclared Tax forms of all the last three administrations Dan gives his honest opinion on what each government messed up on. 

Criticizing even the Trump administration, but not with as much heat as he came with to Biden and Obama’s democratic political parties. 

Additionally, despite Dan getting canceled for speaking against the Vaccine and Covid-19 agendas in this episode he still takes a look at different post-covid effects. 

Perhaps not in the most aggressive anti-vaccine manner as last time, but through reviewing recent studies and autopsies performed on vaccinated individuals.

The financial bills, tax report requests, and covid-19 studies, really evoke some logical consideration about whether you agree with Dan Bongino or not. 

The banned Covid-19 episode 

The main reason Dan got banned and lost his 882,000 follower channel on youtube that he launched back in 2018. At first, Youtube declared that the creator is also banned from creating future channels but in later on was allowed back on the platform after a long pandemic of misinformation. 

The “misinformation” they banned the host for is the exact thing he preaches against in his podcasts, but he was not the only one, as many had their share of bans when talking about vaccines and Covid-19 what was at the time a sensitive topic. 

Dan is back from the ban but is now bigger on the popular platform Rumble than any other place, Youtube is no longer the best place to find the latest video form of the popular conservative podcast.  

FBI corruption Deep Dive with Julie Kelly

Not something you’d find on any other podcast, rather this is what makes the Dan Bongino show so unique. 

It’s his daringness to touch topics nobody would otherwise bring up and in this episode, he interviews guest Julie Kelly Author of “January 6” and investigative political writer.

In this episode, the wildest topics are discussed covering everything from how the FBI is fighting trumps potential run for 2024, to how terrorism was created and what it led to. 

A tough pill to swallow for many as Julie takes on all suspicious activities and campaigns happening within the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and breaks them down for viewers to understand. 

The Dan Bongino Show currently has around 3,000 followers on youtube due to the recent ban from the platform and followers 2.1 million followers on Instagram and 3.9 million followers on Twitter

On youtube, where view statistics are readily available it appears that the average podcast receives between 500 views and 1000 views per episode.

A low count for someone as popular as Dan, however when looking at his rumble account, we found that Dan has a massive following of 2.5 million followers. 

While the podcast doesn’t make the top 200 charts of Apple Podcasts, it’s most likely due to the controversy around Dan, along with his niche target demographic. 

Based on this analysis we estimated that the Dan Bongino Show receives around 100k and 300k listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Rumble, and Spotify podcast networks.

The format of the podcast 

The podcast is centered around controversial topics, discussing new philosophies, and digging into truths another wouldn’t dare discuss. 

The Dan Bongino Show offers daily controversial episodes, some hosted by guests while others are simply Dan furious about another new topic. 

Some of the most popular guests on Dan’s podcast include Dr. Robert Malone, former FBI agent Chris Gonzales, and even Ex-president Donald J. Trump. 

The Dan Bongino show is certainly not for everyone, and there is some level of stigma associated with his cancellation and ban, therefore not anyone can be featured or show interest in being featured on the podcast

Impact and reciprocation 

It is obvious that the podcast is targeted towards one specific demographic of Americans even though it is not advertised to be so. 

Although it may be difficult for some people to consume the content that Dan Bongino puts out, in most episodes, it’s usually worth looking into.

The deliverance of the message is on point and most of what is being said is actually supported by intelligent individuals with reputable knowledge. Dan gained his popularity from speaking against corruption, and negative societal norms, but most importantly his advocacy for the right-wing agenda. 

Whether you’re looking to analyze things from a different point of view, learn about the national political system, or simply support the cause The Dan Bongino Show moved to rumble all these reasons collectively.

Learn more about Dan Bongino on Rumble, Website, Apple Podcasts, or even Soundcloud. 

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