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All About Daily Wager Podcast The Latest Sports Betting News And Insights From ESPN's Experts


What Is Daily Wager Podcast All About

As of March 2023, Americans have wagered over an estimated $200 billion, showcasing the prized popularity and competitiveness of this lucrative industry. The success of gambling often holds a fierce balance between risk and reward, meaning that players often have to seek outside information in order to gain the best results. To discuss this further, Netinflluencer will offer everything you need to know about the Daily Wager Podcast and how it has revolutionized the betting sector. 

The Creator Behind the Podcast

The Daily Wager Podcast is hosted by Doug Kezirian, an acclaimed ESPN personality who is best known for hosting a television show of the same name. The podcast works to blend the world of sports news with betting tactics, inspiring listeners to make the most profound and calculated choice on their next wager. 

Kezirian boasts an impressive career, producing an array of thought-provoking articles and immense video content. He currently resides in Las Vegas, giving him a more detailed look into the psychology of gambling and how it impacts the overall economy of America. 

It officially launched in March 2021 to coincide with the upcoming March Madness tournament, making it a well-timed piece of content in the sports betting sector. This podcast also runs alongside a duo of ESPN-produced content including Behind the Bets and Stanford Steve and The Bear. 

All About Daily Wager Podcast: The Latest Sports Betting News And Insights From ESPN's Experts

Themes and Topics Covered

Each episode of the Daily Wager Podcast focuses on a unique aspect of gameplay, ensuring that the host can use his professionalism to help listeners make more informed bets. Though the podcast often surrounds the complexities of American Football, it sometimes takes a glimpse into other unique sports such as horseracing and basketball. Thus, listeners can spread their funds across a wealth of different industries and do not have to feel overwhelmed by the bustling nature of football. 

Kezirian also works alongside co-host Tyler Fulghum to create a healthy and alluring discussion around various sports. In June 2022, the pair produced an interesting episode on The Stanley Cup and who listeners should watch out for in this highly competitive game. The duo also share their thoughts on the WNBA, offering a more diverse and contemporary look into many popular American sports. 

The podcast also welcomes Anita Marks, a professional football player, and reporter. Marks may be a pioneer in her own field but she still manages to give crucial insight into a range of other sports. This host has explored the nuances of golf and basketball to highlight her immense power in the sporting world as well as her keen intellect for successful gambling. 

Reach of the Daily Wager Podcast

The Daily Wager television has seen a huge amount of success, adhering to a very profitable niche and amassing around 127,000 viewers every day. The accompanying podcast has also received a ton of praise, receiving an average rating of 4.6 out of five on Apple Podcasts. 

ESPN Sports Betting also uploads a wide range of content to its YouTube channel, helping the sports giant to earn an impressive 37.6K subscribers. The Daily Wager playlist, compresses each episode into a digestible 10-minute clip, allowing viewers to gain information on the go. Kezirian also posts YouTube Shorts on this channel to create a more personal relationship with his viewers. Using this format, the host crafts a series of educational videos, informing the audience about a variety of must-watch games. 

The Format of the Podcast

With a new episode released every Monday, the Daily Wager podcast works at an incredibly fast pace. Each episode lasts for around 10 minutes, ensuring that listeners can absorb a lot of high-quality information without becoming fatigued or restless. 

Occasionally, Kezirian will conduct detailed interviews with other key figures within the sports betting industry. In October 2021, he was joined by prolific Las Vegas oddsmaker John Murray to discuss the best and worst of that week. Though it only lasted just over half an hour, this episode gave audiences the chance to discover more about both hosts as well as their opinion on some of the most popular games of that time period. 

The show also introduces a range of special hosts such as Katie Mox, a well-known sports anchor for CBS. By welcoming a range of unique stars, the Daily Wager podcast prevents itself from becoming stale or repetitive. Also, it highlights ESPN’s rich catalog of talent, all of which offer their own perspective on certain areas of sports betting. 

Reception and Impact

Both the Daily Wager Podcast and the television show have managed to reap a collection of awards, mainly for their stand-out performance in such a competitive industry. In 2020, it received an abundance of awards including Sports Betting Video of the Year as well as Sports Betting Host of the year for Doug Kezirian. These awards showcase the prevalence of the Daily Wager empire and how its collection of related content is working well with an array of avid fans. 

Since the show was initially released, it has quickly become one of ESPN’s most elusive programs, helping the network to achieve dominance over the sports betting sector. Moreover, the podcast’s success highlights the power of multimedia platforms, inspiring other networks to create accompanying media alongside its most popular shows. 

The Daily Wager Podcast is a keen asset for many sports fans as it allows them to gain advice from some of ESPN’s most influential talent. Its high levels of acclaim also indicate a sense of growth in the podcasting industry as well as other areas of sports gambling. This podcast can be found on a range of different streaming platforms including Spotify and TuneIn

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