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All About The Cancel Me Now Podcast


All About The Cancel Me Now Podcast

Initially launching in 2019 the Cancel Me Now Podcast, hosted by the Aussie comedian Issac Butterfield, also known as “The ButtsMarn” is an edgy and comical podcast that aims to test the boundaries of ideologies. 

He started his YouTube career in 2012 but officially launched his podcast in September 2019. Since then, the Cancel Me Now Podcast has been growing in popularity and has continued to produce great content that delivers a funny take on current events and pop culture.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the Cancel Me Now podcast.

Who is Isaac Butterfield?

Isaac Butterfield was born in Newcastle, Australia on July 14, 1993. 

With many people today afraid to test boundaries in comedy, and often not willing to get canceled doing so, there is one man that intends to change that – Isaac Butterfield.

The Australian native is a content creator on YouTube with over 1.93 million subscribers who has also toured nationally and internationally sharing his stand-up comedy with fans all over the world. 

All About The Cancel Me Now Podcast

Butterfield is known for his comedic humor that challenges social issues and topics with viewpoints that are oftentimes deemed politically incorrect. 

An interesting fact about Isaac that he mentions often in his content is that for years he suffered from a type of Epilepsy as a result of obesity. Butterfield uses his Youtube channel to help motivate others to take back their health and often receives mail from subscribers who have lost weight thanks to his videos. 

Topics and Themes of the Cancel Me Now Podcast 

So what exactly does this podcast talk about? 

A better question to ask is what isn’t spoken about on the show. On his main Youtube channel, Butterfield continues to pull off the most fringe and controversial topics with ideologies that challenge the status quo. But, on his podcast, he takes a different approach. 

The content seems more funny, trivial, and almost light-hearted with the occasional downward punch or comedic take towards opposing beliefs. Isaac talks about anything and everything, from The Origins of Butt Bleaching to deadly snake attacks, and has a few beers doing so with his co-host Josh “Bluey” Neilson.

For the most part, the show covers topics that are making headline news at the time. During parts of the podcast, Isaac’s ideologies and rationale break through, and though it may come across as rude or insensitive, he makes an effort to explain his rationale, why he thinks the way he does, and where his opinions stem from. 

To be a comedian in this day and age it’s difficult to know exactly where to draw the line. Some people consider his comedy really selfish and say he “picks low-hanging fruit”, but at the end of the day if something exists in this world we live in, there is going to be a joke about it and the joke shouldn’t be required to have an apology prompt with it.

Some of the topics that have made Butterfield popular are:

Hatred of Vegans, Cyclists, and Feminists

Butterfield is known for his grudge against cyclists and vegans. Some of his videos on these subject matters have landed him in hot water with influencers such as Banana Girl who called out his comedic takes on veganism. 

When it comes to cyclists, Butterfield claims that they’re annoying because they don’t use allocated bike lanes thus they end up holding up traffic. 

Lastly, his opinion regarding feminism sparked a feud with Clementine Ford, a popular feminist, and presenter on Bay FM. 

Australia Vs. New Zealand 

Another hot topic that helped grow Isaac’s audience is his New Zealand and Australia comparisons. He first released a video in 2018 on this subject matter, and although the video was meant to be a humorous comedy sketch it was ill-received by some individuals who deemed the content racist. 

Butterfield’s comedy knows no boundaries, and political correctness is non-existent. In fact, his stand-up style could be compared to that of Shappeles, because neither is afraid to cover topics that other comedians see as off-limits due to fear of backlash. 

Platforms for listening and reach

Because Isaac discusses topics that are generally known to get creators demonetized, he relies heavily on Patreon, merch sales, and sponsors for the monetization of his channels. That being said, you can find all his content including his podcast on mainstream streaming platforms.

With millions of subscribers on his Youtube channel and a 4.8-star rating on Apple Podcast, you won’t be let down by the Aussies’ content.

The Cancel Me Now Podcast can be found on YouTube.


When you’re commuting to work or hanging out at home doing mundane chores, there’s no better time to tune in to a comedic spin on life and laugh. If you find yourself wanting to see through the eyes of an Australian comedian and take on the status quo, there’s no the Cancel Me Now podcast might be just what you’ve been looking for. 

With various discussion topics and an unconventional spin on an informative style podcast, you can sit back relax, and have a cold one with Isaac and Josh while listening to them talk about some strange and obscure news story, that is more often than not going to make you laugh.

The average length of each episode is a little bit over an hour and can be listened to live or streamed on Youtube.

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