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This AI Tells Creators Exactly What To Film For Brands - And It's Revolutionizing UGC


This AI Tells Creators Exactly What To Film For Brands – And It’s Revolutionizing UGC

Striking the right balance between authenticity and brand control has long been a challenge in user-generated content (UGC) marketing. BeeRoll, a technology platform founded by Brian Dutt in 2017, is carving out a niche by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to foster more effective brand-creator collaborations. With a focus on streamlining the production process and enabling continuous content iteration, BeeRoll aims to bridge this gap in the rapidly evolving UGC space.

This AI Tells Creators Exactly What To Film For Brands - And It's Revolutionizing UGC

Harnessing AI for Storyboard Creation and Content Editing

At the core of BeeRoll’s platform is the concept of AI-powered storyboarding, which allows brands to plan out shot-by-shot instructions for creators to follow. “Traditional ‘briefs’ for creators are typically long Word docs or PDFs with a long list of features and benefits for a creator to parse through and then create a video on their own. We find that this often leads to the brand and creator missing each other on how to tell the story,” explains Dutt. “ The creator may know best when it comes to making content for their own audience – but may not tell the brand story in a way that will efficiently get the key selling points off to a cold (or warm) audience. That’s why we built the platform around the concept of a storyboard” 

This AI-driven storyboarding capability caters to brands seeking a more structured approach while maintaining the authentic feel of UGC. Dutt elaborates, “The concept of the storyboard was really important to me and to brands. Brands can use our AI storyboard builder to plan out all the shots that a creator is going to film, just like you would plan out a big-budget TV ad with actors and a crew – except this storyboard is for a creator with an iPhone..”

Once creators submit their footage adhering to the storyboard, BeeRoll’s editing tools powered by AI take over, generating ads that can be run on social media, digital platforms, or even TV. “From a brand standpoint, they can manage the production flow from storyboarding through editing,” says Dutt, underscoring the platform’s end-to-end production capabilities.

For brands, this AI-assisted process not only streamlines the creation of UGC campaigns but also ensures a level of quality control often lacking in traditional UGC efforts. “You get the authenticity of user-generated content, but you still maintain the brand narrative and control,” Dutt asserts. This balance is crucial, as many brands have historically been hesitant to embrace UGC due to concerns over maintaining brand standards and messaging consistency.

This AI Tells Creators Exactly What To Film For Brands - And It's Revolutionizing UGC

Streamlining Creator Workflow and Fostering Diversity  

On the creator side, BeeRoll’s platform offers a simplified and efficient process, with AI-generated storyboards delivered directly to their mobile app. “All the creator has to do is upload a shot by shot, the content that was requested by the brand” Dutt explains. “They don’t have to sit there and plan out the content. They don’t have to do any editing.”

This AI Tells Creators Exactly What To Film For Brands - And It's Revolutionizing UGC

This approach not only saves time for creators but also opens up opportunities for those without extensive portfolios or experience in the creator economy. “We get a lot of people in our network who have a job, they have a 9 to 5. They get home, they need some side cash,” Dutt notes. “And I’ve seen it multiple times where creators go from making literally $0 to maybe making close to $10,000 a year creating content through BeeRoll”. 

By lowering the barrier to entry, BeeRoll fosters a more diverse pool of creators, enabling brands to tap into a wider range of perspectives and authenticity. This diversity is a key advantage in a market where authenticity and relatability are paramount. “The more and more we build up this network of creators, the more we’re able to, for lack of a better term, filter the best of the top,” says Dutt, highlighting the platform’s ability to match brands with the most suitable creators for their campaigns.

Dutt emphasizes the importance of vetting and ongoing monitoring to ensure creator quality, noting, “If a creator does exceptionally well with us on both quality and professionalism, they get a verified kind of badge the way you would on a social media platform, which signals to brands, ‘This is a creator you should work with.'”

This AI Tells Creators Exactly What To Film For Brands - And It's Revolutionizing UGC

Fostering Continuous Content Iteration and Innovation 

As the UGC space matures and audiences become more discerning, BeeRoll recognizes the need for continuous content iteration and innovation. “The next evolution of the creator economy is that you’re still going to lean into the authenticity of a creator, but you got to give them a creative idea to film,” Dutt says.

BeeRoll’s AI capabilities play a crucial role in this evolutionary process, allowing brands to rapidly generate fresh content ideas and adapt to emerging trends. “What the BeeRoll platform \[allows\], let’s say you’re a marketing director and you have an idea for your product that’s a little bit more than a review video… you can just type one sentence into our platform, and \[AI\] will generate a storyboard on the fly, and a creator can film it within days,” Dutt explains.

This agility in content creation and testing is essential for brands to stay ahead of the curve and keep pace with rapidly shifting audience preferences and consumption habits. “The future of the creator economy is that… you’re turning out new ideas and some of them are going to fall flat, but because the content is so cost-effective, brands can test a lot of things to find the winners,” Dutt asserts.

By enabling rapid iteration and experimentation, BeeRoll’s platform empowers brands to continuously refine and optimize their UGC strategies, ensuring that their content resonates with their target audiences and drives meaningful engagement.

Dutt acknowledges the evolving challenges this presents for creators as well. “It’s going to evolve just like any creative does, to the point where creators are going to need to get a little bit outside of their comfort zone. They’re going to have to do things that they might not have filmed before.” However, he views this as an opportunity, stating, “That’s just a lot more opportunity for creators who are willing to both try the safe concepts and lean into the more ‘out there’ ideas.”

This AI Tells Creators Exactly What To Film For Brands - And It's Revolutionizing UGC

Real-World Impact and Success Stories

The impact of BeeRoll’s approach is evident in the success stories of brands that have leveraged the platform. One notable example is a partnership with Mixtiles, a picture-framing product company. “We worked with over 50 creators and edited about 100 pieces of content,” Dutt recounts.  

By testing and iterating on multiple storyboard concepts, editing styles, and creator profiles, BeeRoll helped Mixtiles build a comprehensive content library tailored to different audience segments. “We had four different storyboards live with different concepts. So we were filming different concepts, different creators. For example, some were over 70 years old, others were under 20,” Dutt explains.

The results were remarkable, with Mixtiles doubling their conversion rates during the campaign period. Notably, some of the highest-performing content came from unexpected sources, underscoring the value of BeeRoll’s data-driven approach. “Some of the content that was the highest performers, you would never have expected it… Different speaking styles, environments, and creator ‘looks’ can take off with audience pockets – and often it’s the content that’s the most rough around the edges because it just feels approachable. If you just try to take a one-size-fits-all approach to creative – you’re often missing out,” Dutt remarks.

This success story highlights the power of BeeRoll’s platform in unlocking new opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences through authentic, resonant content. It also demonstrates the importance of testing and iterating, rather than relying solely on traditional marketing instincts.

This AI Tells Creators Exactly What To Film For Brands - And It's Revolutionizing UGC

Navigating Challenges and Future Outlook  

While BeeRoll’s approach addresses many pain points in the UGC space, the company acknowledges ongoing challenges. Ensuring creator diversity and authenticity while scaling operations remains a priority. “The more inputs into our system we have, the better the outputs of the system,” Dutt says, highlighting the importance of continuously expanding and refining the creator network.

Dutt also stresses the need for brands to be open to new ideas and relax traditional quality standards to some degree. ” I’d say in general brands need to do more content,” he says. “I would encourage brands to test more and sort of relax their control a little bit, focus on the “less obvious” and low key creators, but also in how they write filming instructions to them. Sometimes write a script, but sometimes let the creators say whatever they want.” 

With its AI-driven platform, BeeRoll aims to empower brands and creators alike, fostering a more sustainable, innovative, and data-driven ecosystem within the dynamic world of user-generated content marketing.

By combining the power of AI with a deep understanding of the creator economy’s nuances, BeeRoll is well-positioned to guide brands and creators alike in navigating the complexities of this rapidly evolving landscape, unlocking new opportunities for growth, engagement, and authentic storytelling.

Cecilia Carloni, Interview Manager at Influence Weekly and writer for NetInfluencer. Coming from beautiful Argentina, Ceci has spent years chatting with big names in the influencer world, making friends and learning insider info along the way. When she’s not deep in interviews or writing, she's enjoying life with her two daughters. Ceci’s stories give a peek behind the curtain of influencer life, sharing the real and interesting tales from her many conversations with movers and shakers in the space.

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