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Elevate Your Content The Best Editing Software for Creators


Elevate Your Content: The Best Editing Software for Creators

What is the best editing software for creators?

Video editing software is the backbone of any epic viral video and is the most crucial element of your content production process. 

Choosing the best video editing software for your needs mostly depends on three main elements. 

  • The duration of the videos you’re editing 
  • Your previous experience with other software 
  • Types of detail enhancements and special effects you need

Considering all these factors, all the recommended video editing software requires a learning curve before you can take off and produce epic content efficiently. 

Basic needs such as compositing, essential enhancements, and framing are available on almost any software. However, for more control over certain elements, read through as we delve further into which software is best suitable for your work.

The best video editing software 

CapCut (The most downloaded editing software) 

The software was created by Byte Dance, the company that made TikTok; this app is designed mainly for short-form video content and offers numerous templates and ready effects you can apply to any clip. 

CapCut is top of the list because it has simplified the editing experience and continues to enhance its interface with new updates and features on a monthly basis. 

Additionally, CapCut offers a phone version for editors with just as much control and options that exist on the PC version and was the second most downloaded app on Apple’s Appstore in February 2023, ranking straight after its sub-brand Tiktok. 

Adobe Premiere Pro (The best software for complex projects)

The most complex video editing software on this list, Adobe Premiere Pro, is the same software used in professional cinematic movies and shows. 

Adobe Premiere gives you the most control over your work, but it takes longer to learn and master the in-depth features. 

While Adobe Premier isn’t the best software to start your editing journey, it is the only one worth investing extensive time in learning. 

Since the software is one of the very first professional video editing tools, you can find many educational videos about all its different features. 

Imovie (The best basic video editor) 

Imovie is the most straightforward software for beginners giving first-time users a good idea of what to expect from more complex editing software. 

Imovie is the gateway video editing software to other advanced platforms like Adobe Premiere, Divinci Resolve, and Sony Vegas. 

While many editors start with iMovie and move on to more powerful tools, if you enjoy the apple editing experience, there is another improved Apple software you can check out called Final-cut pro.

Imovie comes with all mac computers and offers all the essential tools you’ll need to combine clips, adjust volume levels and add text and fundamental transitions. 

Openshot (Best for animation) 

One for the creative creators and graphic designers, Openshot allows more control over building and altering visual elements within your video.

Commonly used for creating animations, Openshot offers a wide array of different cartoon-esque designs for you to drag and drop in your timeline. Mostly used for creating promotional videos and short video intros from scratch, there are better alternatives for long and short-form content. 

Aside from its infamous animation templates, Openshot offers all the essential features in other video software with less control over detail and resolution. 

DaVinci Resolve (The best software for high-quality edits)

DaVinci Resolve is a popular software for cinematic edits and is known for its high-resolution editing capabilities. Prominent advantages include detailed color correction and easy integration with Adobe editing tools such as Photoshop and Premier. 

Davinci was initially designed to be a color grading tool, but when acquired by BlackMagic, manufacturers of some of the best film cameras, they modified it to be an all-in-one software.

While other platforms, such as Adobe premiere and VideoPad, tend to lag when editing in high quality, Davinnci Resove is explicitly built for the elaborate graphic detail other platforms left out. 

Avid Media Composer (Best for overall user experience)

A Hollywood producer special, Avid Media composer is recognized for its professional large-scale film production capabilities. The software has been around almost as long as Adobe Premiere but is used on a larger scale cinematically. 

The main reason Avid remains relevant in today’s market, despite its slightly dated interface, is the need for editors to shift platforms. It offers the same in-depth options as Premiere but does a better job of simplifying the user experience aspect.

No special features differentiate it from other software on this list besides its exceptional customer support. A solid option for a creator already familiar with Avid and their products.

VideoPad (Best for 3D elements) 

Similar to Openshot’s advanced animation-centric features, VideoPad competes with its enhanced control over built-in 3D graphic elements and template effects.

Most editing 3D editing software requires vast graphic design knowledge; however, VideoPad simplifies the process for beginners with pre-made custom 360 effects and transitions. 

VideoPad’s interface is confusing and can use some UX enhancements, but just like any other video editing software; it gets easier once you get a good grasp of it.

HitFilm Express (Best free software)

A straightforward, easy-to-navigate software commonly used by Youtubers, Hitfilm Express is best compared to Sony Vegas in its interface and features. 

Hitfilm offers a range of bundle subscriptions geared towards what you intend to use Hitflim for, but the basic plan is completely free. 

While there are some minor restrictions on the editing features you can access with your free subscription, its customizable interface is the main reason HitFilm makes this list.

How to choose the best video editor?

It can be challenging to determine which video editing software is the best option because you can only tell after trying it out and familiarizing yourself with its different layouts. 

You can further educate yourself by looking into what other creators in your industry are using, but from extensive experience, we’ve personally come to settle on Capcut. 

While CapCut is the most efficient and convenient for short-for content of up to 10-15 mins length, it can get sluggish when editing longer projects. 

Adobe Premier has long been the best option for all your video needs. Premiere has been around since 2001 giving users enough time to discover and overcome all features, difficulties, and potential problems beginners commonly face.


Video editing is mastered by muscle memory; the more you use a specific platform to edit, the faster you get at it, which makes change very difficult. 

New editors with little to no experience are usually attracted to modern and trendy platforms, such as CapCut, and InShot. In contrast, experienced editors stick with what they’ve used to build speed and skill, which is often Adobe premier, Hitfilm, or Sony Vegas.

If you learn to navigate one editing software, the rest are highly similar. However, we recommend platforms with extensive educational resources to guarantee the fullest editing experience, such as Adobe Premier or Divinci resolve.

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