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All About the Beginning Boutique Influencer Program


All About the Beginning Boutique Influencer Program

Australia’s Beginning Boutique offers trendy, high-fashion clothing for women around the world. The brand partners with mega influencers on exclusive collaboration projects and is frequently featured at music festivals like Coachella. Keep reading to learn more about the Beginning Boutique influencer program and how to become an official affiliate partner.

Beginning Boutique is a trendy Australian retailer, specializing in women’s clothing and shoes. In this informative guide, learn more about the Beginning Boutique influencer program and how to become an official brand ambassador.

All About the Beginning Boutique Influencer Program

CEO Sarah Timmerman founded Beginning Boutique in Australia 2008. Sarah started the company at the age of 21 with no prior knowledge or experience in fashion or e-commerce. In 2010, Sarah launched a Beginning Boutique pop up shop in South Bank and she then moved operations to an office in West End in 2012. Today, the brand is headquartered in Queensland and has a reported revenue of over $5 million. 

All About the Beginning Boutique Influencer Program

Beginning Boutique is known for its collaboration projects with influencers, especially during music festival season. The brand was featured at events like Splendor in the Grass and the Coachella Music Festival. During the 2020 pandemic, Beginning Boutique expanded operations through the purchase of a large warehouse and the launch of a swimwear line. The company is also committed to sustainability and uses 100% compostable packing materials.

Who Are the Beginning Boutique Influencers and What Do They Do?

Beginning Boutique collaborates with well-known influencers with large followings. They create custom clothing lines based around the influencer’s style and personality, as well as for particular events, like music festivals. In a collaboration with Sarah Magusara, the brand features several trendy dresses for warmer weather. 

@beginningboutique @sarahmagusara ♬ original sound – Beginning Boutique

Mega-influencer Leah Halton stars in the Beginning Boutique “Internet It Girl” campaign. The collaboration features a retro-inspired photo shoot and several evening gowns paired with matching jewelry and accessories. 

@beginningboutique It’s LIVE @leah halton ♬ original sound – Beginning Boutique

Ariella Nyssa won Beginning Boutique’s 9.0 Swim Model competition in 2018 and collaborated with the brand in the search for the next model. The brand frequently runs contests like these, offering influencers a chance for an exclusive collaboration. 


Are you our next 9.0 Swim Model? Entries are now open Australia wide to be part of our next swim campaign! 👙🌸

♬ original sound – Beginning Boutique

What Are the Beginning Boutique Influencer Requirements?

Beginning Boutique official influencers are known as BB Ambassadors and details on the program are listed on the company’s website. To be considered for the BB Ambassador program, send an email to and include a link to your Instagram account. According to the website, here are the BB Ambassador requirements:

  • Must agree to the Beginning Boutique Gifting Guidelines
  • Must tag @BeginningBoutique in all Instagram captions regarding the brand
  • Must use the hashtag #beginningboutique

The Beginning Boutique website also notes that for special collaborations, you must have a minimum of 20,000 followers on Instagram. The brand also likes to see influencers with a blog or a YouTube channel. As an example, Beginning Boutique collaborated with top TikTok influencer SophaDophaa who currently has over one million followers.

How to Promote Beginning Boutique Products as an Influencer and Make Money

Although Beginning Boutique partners with established influencers with large accounts on official collaboration projects, influencers with audiences of all sizes can sign up to become an affiliate partner. 

According to affiliate program manager Lasso, perks for affiliates include a 6% commission on sales and a 14-day cookie window. There is no information on the Beginning Boutique affiliate program listed on the website, however you can sign up through Lasso, Sovrn Commerce, or Skimlinks.

How Influencers Promote Beginning Boutique on TikTok

In addition to partnerships and collaborations with mega-influencers, Beginning Boutique frequently features brand ambassadors and affiliate partners on their official social media accounts. Here on TikTok, content creator Rena Kim models several outfits for a Hawaiian vacation. Rena shows off a bathing suit and a number of dresses.

@beginningboutique Beach vacayyy fits with @222renaa ♬ GIVE IT TO ME X LONDON BRIDGE – ALTÉGO

In this video, Millie Dunn models Beginning Boutique’s signature Kansis Jeans. Millie completes the look with a graphic tee, athletic sneakers, and a crossbody bag. 

@beginningboutique @itsmemilliedunn ♬ original sound – 💯

Influencer Tristina wears the brand’s Marienne White Mini Dress. Tristina pairs the dress with a white hair bow and strappy high heel shoes.

♬ muerto gang – qubelly🗽

How Influencers Promote Beginning Boutique on Instagram

Over on Instagram, Beginning Boutique features a combination of professional photo shoots and content from the brand’s social media influencers and ambassadors. In this reel, beauty and lifestyle influencer Monica Marra does an outfit check while on a trip to Madrid. Monica models Beginning Boutique’s Martena Brown Blazer and pairs it with jeans and a white tee. 

Here, digital creator Veronica Garcia takes a couple of photos to show off Beginning Boutique’s Giselle Beige Trench Coat. Veronica ties the look together with black leather pants, a black crop top, and a shoulder bag.

In these colorful photos, influencer Kaylee Rae matches a picture-perfect sunset with the brand’s purple Belmont Stripe Sweater. Kaylee keeps the look casual with a ponytail, distressed denim, and white sneakers. 

How Influencers Promote Beginning Boutique on YouTube

Beginning Boutique brand ambassadors on YouTube showcase recent orders and hauls in various try-on videos. Here, vlogger Emma Marie reviews several outfits for the Spring season. Emma Marie models a floral halter dress, a long sleeved dress with middle cut outs, a red halter top and a black skirt, and more.

Influencer Conagh Kathleen reviews several Beginning Boutique pieces for her audience and also offers a discount code. Conagh’s outfits include a tie dye sweater, a blue cropped blouse, and a black graphic tee. 

In this video, Susie J Todd takes her followers behind the scenes of a collaboration with Beginning Boutique. Some of the items Susie chose in her style edit include a matching red crop top and maxi skirt, a floral mini dress, and a black floral matching set.


If you’re interested in working with a trendy, higher-end clothing brand, a partnership with Beginning Boutique may be right for you. To learn more about becoming an influencer, check out the Beginning Boutique website.

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