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All About Daily Wager Podcast The Latest Sports Betting News And Insights From ESPN's Experts (1)


All About Daily Wager Podcast

The Daily Wager podcast is a sports betting talk show from ESPN that provides sports betting enthusiasts with the latest news and insights.

With the increasing popularity of sports betting, the podcast has quickly become a favorite among sports fans, who follow expert analysis and tips shared in the show.

The hosts are experts in their field, and they provide listeners with valuable insights based on their experiences in the world of sports betting. 

All About Daily Wager Podcast: The Latest Sports Betting News And Insights From ESPN's Experts

Because of the presenters and the informative and engaging content, the podcast has received many positive reviews in its target market.

The Creator Behind the Podcast

The Daily Wager podcast is hosted by a team of experts, all highly respected in the sports betting industry. 

The team includes Doug Kezirian, Katie Mox, Tyler Fulghum, Anita Marks, Erin Dolan, and many others. 

Each host brings a unique perspective to the show.

Doug Kezirian, the Las Vegas-based chief host of ESPN’s Daily Wager, is an excellent sports betting analyst.

He drives the show with his opinions and picks while leading conversations with various analysts and personalities. 

His expertise and experience make him a trusted source for entertainingly discussing the nuances of sports betting.

In addition to his work on Daily Wager, Doug also serves as an ESPN Sports Betting Analyst, lending his expertise to a variety of platforms to discuss gambling storylines, issues, and information.

Whether writing articles and columns for or hosting his own podcast, Behind the Bets with Doug Kezirian, Doug’s passion for the world of sports betting shines through everything, making him a popular figure with both casual and serious bettors.

How did the podcast start?

In 2019, ESPN set its sights on producing its first-ever gambling show, recognizing the growing popularity of sports betting across the country. 

The hosts recognized the need for a podcast that would provide expert analysis and tips to sports betting enthusiasts.

They chose the knowledgeable and charismatic Doug Kezirian to host the show, bringing his years of experience as a sports journalist and betting expert to the table. 

With Daily Wager, ESPN became the first major sports network to create a daily show entirely dedicated to sports betting news and insights. 

The show quickly gained traction among sports bettors and enthusiasts, making it a must-watch.

Themes and Topics Covered

The Daily Wager podcast covers a wide range of topics related to sports betting. 

It discusses everything from the latest news and trends in the industry to specific games and events. 

The show also provides expert analysis and tips on various sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and more.

The podcast episode from June 24, 2022, features Doug Kezirian and Erin Dolan discussing their top plays for game 5 of the Stanley Cup and their favorite MLB plays for the upcoming weekend.

The hosts share insights on NHL and MLB games, highlighting key matchups, players to watch, and betting strategies. 

In the NFC South Betting Preview episode, Katie Mox and Kenny Bets Big discuss the NFC South and the impact of the Julio Jones trade on Tampa Bay’s odds. 

They debate whether Tom Brady will have the most passing yards this season, and share their thoughts on the NFC South over/unders and where to place your bets.

They also make their predictions for the player with the most receiving yards, with Justin Jefferson eyeing a potential 2,000-yard season. 

The duo also speculates on potential landing spots for big-name trade deadline candidates and shares their locks for the night’s action. (source)

In NBA Finals Game 6 Plays For 6/16 episode of the Daily Wager podcast, host Doug Kezirian and guest Joe Fortenbaugh dive into the exciting world of NBA Finals Game 6. 

They offer their expert opinions and break down the key plays to look out for, while also discussing how to manage shooting regression.

With a deep understanding of the game and a passion for sports betting, Doug and Joe offer valuable insights and predictions that any basketball fan or betting enthusiast will want to take advantage of.

Reach of the Daily Wager podcast

An analysis of the podcast subscribers on various channels reveals that the Daily Wager podcast has a significant following. 

The podcast has 37.6k followers on YouTube by the name ESPN Sports Betting, and 48.4k followers on Instagram

As of January 2023, the Daily Wager podcast has a 4.6 rating on Apple Podcast

Based on this analysis, we estimate that the Daily Wager podcast receives 50 thousand listeners each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, YouTube, and Spotify podcast networks.

The Format of the Podcast

The Daily Wager podcast follows a simple format. 

The hosts begin each episode by discussing the latest news and trends in the world of sports betting. 

They then move on to provide expert analysis and tips on specific games and events. 

They also feature interviews with experts in the field and provide insights into their strategies and techniques.

Over the past year, the Daily Wager Podcast has featured an impressive line-up of guests who are experts in sports betting. 

From professional gamblers to sportsbook directors, the podcast has brought on guests who offer unique perspectives and insights into the industry.

Some of the notable guests are Rufus Peabody, a professional sports bettor, and former ESPN employee, professional sports bettor Bill Krackomberger and former NFL player and current ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky.

Daily Wager Podcast has also welcomed renowned sports handicapper Dave Tuley. Tuley has been a professional sports bettor for over 30 years and has written for numerous publications, including ESPN.

Overall, the Daily Wager Podcast’s guest line-up is a testament to the show’s commitment to providing its listeners with valuable insights and unique perspectives on sports betting.

Reception and Impact

The Daily Wager Podcast has a loyal following of listeners who can’t get enough of the hosts’ expert opinions and insights into sports gambling.

One reviewer raves about how they watch the show on ESPN2 every day and now tune into the podcast as well.

Another user stated: 

“I watch Daily Wager on ESPN2 almost every day and now listen to the podcast!” Excellent insight into the realm of sports betting. If you enjoy sports betting, I highly suggest listening to this podcast!

Another listener commented:

“By far the most interesting show on ESPN.” I appreciate the numbers, props information, and insight!

To read on to more listeners’ journeys, click on this link.

Final thoughts

With the show offering a unique blend of stats, props, information, and analysis, it’s no wonder that it has become a fan favorite among sports betting enthusiasts. 

If you’re looking for a show that will keep you informed and entertained, the Daily Wager Podcast is the way to go!

Give them a shot and see what you find!!

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