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Skillshare And Procreate Join Forces To Elevate Learning Around New Animation App (1)


Skillshare And Procreate Join Forces To Elevate Learning Around New Animation App

Skillshare And Procreate Join Forces To Elevate Learning Around New Animation App

In a bold stride towards democratizing creative education, Skillshare, the pioneering online learning platform, has joined forces with Procreate, the beloved digital illustration app for iPad. Their strategic alliance centers around Procreate’s groundbreaking new product, Procreate Dreams – an all-new animation app designed to make hand-drawn animation and motion graphics more accessible and intuitive than ever before.

Camila Escobar, the Director of Creator and Content Partnerships at Skillshare, calls Procreate Dreams “a milestone in digital art technology.” She notes that animation has long been regarded as a challenge in the creative realm, due to its complexity. She believes Procreate Dreams will open up the world of animation to those who may have previously shied away from its perceived intricacies. “ Within minutes, you can bring your illustrations to life or effortlessly animate anything, bypassing the complexities found in other animation software” Escobar said.

The collaboration, Escobar explained, sparked from “a shared passion for enabling artists and creators to realize their vision and creative aspirations through these digital tools, creating an environment where they can access comprehensive education and connect with teachers” It is a testament to the long-standing relationship between the companies, as Procreate has consistently been the most searched term on Skillshare’s platform, underscoring the natural alignment of their missions.

Skillshare And Procreate Join Forces To Elevate Learning Around New Animation App

An Immersive, Multi-Faceted Learning Journey

To ensure a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, Skillshare produced and developed  a 360-degree content activation around Procreate Dreams. This includes classes helmed by Skillshare’s Top Teachers, Original content produced in-house, and a series of live sessions. “Regardless of your preferred learning style, be it through completing a class, participating in a live session, or connecting with like-minded individuals in the community, our goal was to provide a comprehensive experience”, Escobar said. 

On the day of Procreate Dreams’ launch in November, Skillshare hosted a Live “unboxing” Session, attracting an enthusiastic virtual audience of hundreds eagerly following along as Peggy Dean explored the app’s features in real-time. “It was incredible to virtually be in the same space with a creator who guides you through the process and features in real-time, enabling you to animate something by the end of the session,” Escobar recounted.

The partnership’s timing aligned perfectly with Skillshare’s goal of being at the forefront of providing educational content for Procreate Dreams upon its market debut. “I believe we  were one of the first, if not the first, to go to market with educational content around the new product,” Escobar noted. The Live Sessions and continuous publishing of new classes has allowed people  to experience the excitement of exploring Procreate Dreams together and receiving support from the community.

Skillshare And Procreate Join Forces To Elevate Learning Around New Animation App

Curating a Stellar Teacher Lineup

Skillshare partnered with creators who excelled at digital art and who could leverage the app’s innovative animation tools to craft engaging and effective learning experiences. “These individuals were chosen for their ability to inspire creativity, facilitate skill development, and their eagerness to experiment and consistently offer innovative classes to our members”,” Escobar said. The teachers  included illustrators, multi-hyphenate creators adept at illustration, animation, and video, as well as artists focused solely on their craft.

At the core of Skillshare’s Procreate Dreams offering is an Original series developed and co-produced with  Top Teacher Smitesh Mistry. The series is carefully designed as a learning path to guide both novice and experienced creators through the nuances of digital animation. From foundational concepts like keyframing to leveraging the app’s powerful “Performing” feature, the series aims to simplify complex techniques through the lens of a multi-hyphenate creator. 

“Smit studied product design, became a graphic designer and  illustrator, and is now exploring the world of video and animation,” Escobar said. “When Procreate Dreams came into the picture, he was the perfect creator to speak to it from a unique point of view that can help learners from diverse backgrounds.”

Skillshare And Procreate Join Forces To Elevate Learning Around New Animation App

Smitesh Mistry

The Overwhelming Response and Future Expansion

The partnership’s success has been evident from the outpouring of enthusiasm and engagement within the Skillshare community. “Procreate has remained  the most searched term on the platform from before  the Procreate Dreams launch back in November until now,” Escobar said. “And it has been exciting to see  Procreate Dreams climb up that ladder of the highest searched terms.”

The partnership included two Original Skillshare productions, along with classes commissioned from eight Top Teachers. At present, there are approximately 25 new Procreate Dreams classes available. “That means it has not only inspired students to take these classes and submit projects, but it’s also inspired other teachers to go and teach their own classes. It’s more than we could have expected,” Escobar said.

Skillshare has witnessed increased engagement and enthusiasm for specific areas like digital art and animation, a testament to how the partnership has resonated with the community. “For me, this partnership stands out as one of the most fulfilling I’ve ever engaged in. The synergy between the brands and our shared commitment to putting creators first, always with the end user in mind, resonates deeply with me. The passion from all the people involved is incredibly inspiring,” Escobar reflected.

Skillshare And Procreate Join Forces To Elevate Learning Around New Animation App

As Procreate Dreams continues to evolve with updates and new features, Skillshare remains committed to expanding its content offerings in tandem. “On our side, the goal is to continue to expand our  content catalog around Procreate Dreams, to make sure that we’re keeping up with those new features and with the needs of the creator community as they continue to  discover and experiment  with the software,” Escobar affirmed. The aim is to ensure a continuous adaptation to the community’s evolving needs, preventing stagnation.  “As Procreate Dreams evolves, we too aim to grow, driven by a shared journey of discovery and creativity. The excitement from our teachers is palpable; they are not just eager but passionate about crafting more classes and exploring every new possibility the app’s evolution brings.”Escobar emphasized. 

Looking ahead, Escobar envisions a future where platforms like Skillshare become indispensable pillars of professional development and personal growth in the digital economy. “The value of creative skills cannot be overstated,” she said. “We anticipate a future where online learning platforms are crucial in providing accessible and flexible education to meet the demands of the digital economy.”

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