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Financial Technology Company to Provide a New Platform for YouTube Megastar’s Signature Generosity and Viral Content

Current is partnering up with megastar content creator MrBeast to increase engagement and philanthropic efforts on both ends.

YouTube sensation and megastar MrBeast is known throughout the world for his viral content and extreme generosity. Over the years, MrBeast has given away dozens for cars, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and made considerable donations to help underserved communities. Current, the digital banking platform, recently announced that they have established an exclusive, long-term partnership with MrBeast in an effort to engage with more people and give back on a larger scale than ever before.

Current is a leading financial technology company in the United States. Jimmy Donaldson, more widely known as MrBeast, is a YouTube star with over 60 million subscribers. What do these two have in common? A passion for improving the lives of others. 

megastar mr beast
Mr. Beast + Current

Jimmy is well known by his fans to be up for pretty much anything. He’s become an internet sensation through his viral challenges (check out I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive), wild stunts (check out I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend’s Backyard), and philanthropic endeavors (check out I gave $200,000 To People Who Lost Their Jobs (Corona Virus)). 

Current and Jimmy have been working with one another since 2017. Adam Hadi, VP of Marketing at Current, was Jimmy’s very first sponsor. Since then, they have collaborated on over a dozen videos. 

Current has proven to be a leader in the financial technology industry and have now made the decision to leverage their platform and put MrBeast in an even better position to give back to his 160 million social media fans. 

“For years we’ve witnessed Jimmy’s incredible creativity and generosity. His unique ability to consistently produce engaging, original content and give back to his fans in increasingly innovative ways has raised the bar for all creators,” said Adam. “Creators are integral to our strategy and this partnership fully exemplifies our mission to improve the financial outcomes of millions of Americans. MrBeast is a perfect brand fit and with this long-term commitment, we are collaborating to build the best platform for him to engage his fans in new ways and give this generation more opportunities to create better futures for themselves.”

The partnership kicked off with MrBeast’s largest fan giveaway to date, on April 24th, 2020. In the video, I Put a $100,000 Bounty On My Head, MrBeast announces that he will be giving away $100,000 to 100,000 fans on Current. Winners will receive a cash payment directly from Jimmy (MrBeast) as well as be given the chance to redeem free points on Current for MrBeast x Current merchandise, designed by MrBeast himself. 

Current Bank

In addition to the $100,000 giveaway, Current will be entering any fan that uses the creator code ‘Beast’ in the Current app into a $1,000 giveaway, courtesy of MrBeast. And any fan that connects their direct deposit to Current will receive 5,000 free ‘points’, which is enough to get themselves the exclusive MrBeast x Current hoodie.

The pairing of a social media influencer with a financial services company might seem odd at first glance but given the mutual target audiences the collaboration makes sense. MrBeast’s signature generosity exemplifies Current’s mission to enable members to change their lives by creating better financial outcomes. This long-term partnership allows for a commitment to building integrated products together. 

“Creator partnerships are integral to our strategy at Current and we work with creators aligned with our brand and mission,” said Adam. “We’ve worked with over 1000 creators at Current. Our first product debuted in 2017 and our core product, our personal checking accounts, launched just over two years ago in February 2019. We believe in enabling great content for our partners, giving them full creative freedom and you’ll continue to see new content from MrBeast and Current.”

It’s obvious that the partnership is already working although it’s still in its beginning stages. The day after MrBeast’s announcement video debuted, Current shot up to spot number 6 in the free finance apps in the app store.

These projects and results are just a small preview of what Current and MrBeast have planned for their fans. Download Current today and subscribe to MrBeast’s YouTube channel so you don’t miss out any news or the next chance to win big.

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