How to Add Hashtags to Instagram Reels

Today, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about hashtags for reels and how you can use Instagram reel hashtags to boost your following and success on Instagram.

Why hashtags matter on Instagram reels

Using relevant, targeted hashtags on your Instagram reels can help your followers, and other viewers find your Instagram reels.

IG reel caption pages have a built-in tool for adding and finding hashtags. Scroll to the bottom and click Find hashtags. IG will offer appropriate hashtags to help you categorize your post for viewers.

How to add hashtags on Instagram reels


Do hashtags work on reels Instagram?

Yes. You’ll want to add hashtags on the caption page of your Instagram reel while creating the post. 

No one can guarantee a viral Instagram reel. However, creative hashtag use can help your content go viral and reach more people.

How do you make your Instagram reel go viral?

Can you add hashtags to reels after posting?

Yes. Simply click edit on the Instagram reel in question and go to the caption section to add in captions.

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