Top Granfluencers Of 2023: Senior Social Media Stars

Grandfluencers—senior social media stars—are rising on major platforms.  Discover what sets these influencers distinct and who's getting the most attention.

The most popular elderly social media stars have a few traits, but there's no official definition of a grandfluencer. Many of them are in their 80s and 90s and challenge traditional norms and views on what it means to age in society.

What Is a Granfluencer?

Barbara Costello

74-year-old Barbara "Babs" Costello and her daughter run thriving TikTok and IG accounts. Costello's daughter convinced her to make a pandemic cooking video, which went viral.

Iris Apfel

101-year-old Iris Apfel is one of the internet’s most infamous style icons. Apfel, based in New York City, is a renowned businesswoman and interior designer. She became an IMG model at 97.

The 94 year old Kentucky native is known for her unique personal style, being a fan of marijuana legalization, and going against traditional beauty standards.

Helen Ruth Elam

Charlotte Simpson, known on Instagram as The Traveling Black Widow, has visited all seven continents and 50 states. Simpson took her first solo journey after her spouse died, inspired by solo travelers.

Charlotte Simpson


56 year old Lance Walsh gained fast internet fame for his streetwear style. Walsh is a London-based fruit vendor on Berwick street and sells his products dressed in head to toe Supreme clothing.

Lillian Droniak

Lilian Droniak, a self-proclaimed star grandma, makes the globe laugh with her viral videos. The 93-year-old delivers funny dating advise and posts "get ready with me" videos.