The Rise of Gardening Content Creators & the Top Influencers to Follow

The epidemic exposed less out-of-touch influencers.  While we were all trapped in our homes, yearning for fresh air, green spaces, and the great outdoors, home gardening took off and gardening influencers appeared.

The Rise of Gardening Content Creators

Instagram and other platforms have become home to gardening influencers. Plant influencers have started partnering with huge businesses, starting podcasts, getting book deals, etc.

The increase of gardening and plant-loving influencers benefits brands. Especially agricultural enterprises that have had trouble using influencer marketing or finding the suitable creators.

How Does This New Trend Impact Brands

Milkwood Permaculture

The account teaches people how to live sustainably by growing their own food, how to protect the environment, and economic and community-driven ecological principles.

Humans Who Grow Food

Humans Who Grow Food is an Instagram account that features gardening beginners and specialists from across the world who grow food naturally without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

The Urban Farmstead is an Instagram account managed by Kyle Hagerty, a Sacramento-based urban farmer who helps use social media to educate others on how to grow abundant food in small places.

Urban Farmstead

Gardenary, created by Nicole Burke, offers gardening tips and inspiration. The account name "Gardenary" combines gardening and ordinary. Which summarizes Nicole’s mission perfectly.


The Happy Gardening Life

Jason and his wife live on a 10-acre farm in Zambia, with the sole mission of feeding hungry children by growing organic, clean, and environmentally sustainable crops.


Epic Gardening started as a hobby, but today it's a popular gardening hub that educates people worldwide how to grow their own food, prevent garden pests, and nurture plants without killing them.

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