The Best Beauty Affiliate Programs Of 2023

For this guide, we’ve compiled a detailed list of the best beauty affiliate programs that you can sign up for this year in order to start making commissions on sales while promoting some of your best-kept secrets.


The company carries an extensive catalog of over 13,000 beauty and skincare products. Sephora has affiliate programs through Sovrn and Skimlinks that caters to creators globally. They pay up to 10% per successful sale.


Ulta Beauty is one of the leading beauty retailers in the U.S. Some of the key benefits include high commission rates, free shipping, and exclusive discounts that you can offer your audience.

Nordstrom, a large U.S. retailer, sells several beauty brands and items. Like other affiliate programs, Nordstrom provides creators with exclusive incentives and marketing collateral to make their jobs easier.


Coco Chanel founded this French luxury brand. Chanel’s affiliate program is available exclusively through Sovrn, and the commission rate is approximately 9% per closed sale.



MAC Cosmetics is available in over 100 countries offering incredible brand recognition. The average sale price is $70 and the program offers a medium commission rate of 2.7%.


SkinStore is another great option if you’re wanting to have access to multiple brands and products under one affiliate program. The brand offers free U.S. shipping and a wonderful reward program.

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