Best Easels For Painting

Whether you are new to using easels, or have been aiding your painting process with them already, here are 10 of the best easels for painting in the market right now!

U.S. Art Supply Wooden Easel (E-135) 

This wooden easel is made using fine quality aged beechwood, complete with an oil finish, and retains its natural wood color. It is sturdy and adjustable, allowing you to fit both small and large canvases.

Meeden Large Painter’s Easel 

Made using solid beech wood, this easel has three adjustment settings, so you can tilt your canvas any way you want – even vertically, which makes it easier for you to reach the top parts of your canvas.

The Mont Marte tripod style easel is made using seasoned beech wood and is lightweight, portable, and affordable, making it great for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Mont Marte Tripod Easel 

The Louise Maelys tabletop easel is perfect for tiny projects! It resists corrosion because to its high-quality beechwood and brass hardware.

Louise Maelys Tabletop Easel 

T-sign Artist  Easel 

Made using lightweight aluminum alloy, the T-sign easel is portable and affordable! It also accommodates large canvases weighing up to 25 pounds.

Jack Richeson Easel 

This tabletop easel is made using eco-friendly lyptus hardwood, which is stronger and more durable than oak. It is also affordable and can fit canvases of up to 40” in height.