All About the Fashion Nova Influencer Program

Are you ready to take a stellar spot in the fashion constellation?  Read up to find out how to become the next Fashion Nova Influencer and be on your way to fashion stardom.

Company Background

Richard Saghian launched Fashion Nova in 2006 and became its CEO. At its first Panorama City, Los Angeles store, it sold cheap but fashionable club apparel.

Who are the Fashion Nova influencers and what do they do?

This Fashion Nova Brand Ambassador is from Birmingham, England. Aside from her passion for fashion, she loves traveling to glamorous locales like the city of Izmir in Turkey and the island of Ibiza in Spain.


Maddie gray is a famous Instagram personality from the United States. She likes sharing workouts, diet advice, and other health and wellness tips to help people get healthy.


Dej Morrison is a Fashion Nova Brand Ambassador from Toronto, Ontario in Canada. She exudes confidence and is quite an effective role model for body positivity.


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