Cruz Corral of Champagnecruze 

on Viral TikTok Content and TikTok Campaigns

Cruz Corral graduated from LMU in 2018 after growing up in Los Angeles. He's worked in marketing and advertising since then. He got marketing work despite not studying it. A year and a half ago, he started posting on TikTok & IG.

Getting Started on TikTok

Cruz’s content focuses on corporate and work humor, which he calls“corporate satire.” He started posting during the pandemic in late 2020 after watching other creators posting about similar topics.

The first few months on TikTok didn’t result in a lot of traction or views, but about five to six months in, Cruz had some posts go viral, and his account began building momentum.

Cruz has had many viral hits on TikTok. Still, his biggest success so far was a recent TikTok about how different generations, such as boomers, millennials, and gen zers, would answer an unexpected work call.

Viral Content

Cruz works full-time as a paid search manager at a digital marketing agency while juggling content creation on the side. He's worked with 10–15 brands after a year & a half on social media.

Balancing the 9 to 5 and Content Creation

“I work nine to five and then after 5 PM… I shift into creating content or just working on my TikTok, and now I’m trying to grow my Instagram, and that one’s been taking off as well. So, it’s like almost two different jobs, but I enjoy it… so it doesn’t feel like work.”

Cruz shares that his most successful campaign has been with a computer screen attachment designed for remote workers. At that time, he accepted the product in exchange for creating the post.

Cruz’s Most Successful Campaign

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