All About the Zara Influencer Program

If you love Zara and have always wanted to collab with them, then this article is for you!  NetInfluencer will talk about the Zara Influencer Program.

What is Zara?

Zara is one of the world’s most successful fashion brands. The brand was established by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera in 1975 as a family-run business in northern Spain’s hub Galicia.

Who are the Zara influencers, and What Do They Do?

In the past, the brand hadn’t really made an effort to partner with influencers.  Until last year, when Zara shocked the world when, in February 2022, they announced that they’d partnered with a famous Barcelona-based influencer, Marta Sierra.

I’m sure by this point you’re asking yourself if it has an affiliate program. And, well the answer is sadly – no. The brand doesn’t have an active affiliate program.

What are the Zara Influencer Requirements?

Hopefully, this fashion-super star considers altering its advertising strategy to make room for an affiliate marketing program at some point in the near future. So, don’t lose hope just yet!

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