15 Top Cryptocurrency Influencers You Need To Follow

There is no better way to easily stay informed on what’s going on in the cryptocurrency space than following cryptocurrency influencers who eat, breathe, and live for Cryptocurrency.

Why you should follow cryptocurrency influencers?

Cryptocurrency influencers are usually vast advocates of their game, benefiting from the exposure they get while also helping people around them enter the crypto market.


Based in New Zealand, Lark is a multi-millionaire with a successful history in stock market investing and making internet money through new trends and technologies.

Sheldon Evans

Sheldon is an entrepreneur and professional photographer that offers extensive simplified financial tips, educational information, and Crypto market analysis.

Ellio is a huge Ethereum and bitcoin advocate and also creates educational content around artificial intelligence and the latest financial tech news.


Micheal, CEO of boxmining, covers the cryptocurrency industry from all aspects. Unlike others on this list of the top 15 cryptocurrency influencers, Gu advocates for more than just Bitcoin and Ethereum.



Through following Cryptomasun you can learn about everything and anything that has to do with digital currencies, ranging from lawsuits to which crypto exchanges to use.


Heman, a former bank trader, is one of the most genuine influencers and creative content makers. The creator handles everything and pushes his own views.

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