Why You Are Not Getting Views on TikTok: 10 Reasons

Great things happen on TikTok, and it all starts with post views. This article will talk about the importance of TikTok views, the possible reasons you’re not getting any, and what to do about it.

Are TikTok Views Important?

You can think of TikTok views as your stairway to success. Not only does it boost your TikTok profile, views also help you gain new followers and get more engagement.

10 Reasons You Are Not Getting TikTok Views

TikTok’s community guidelines feature quite a long list of “norms and common code of conduct” that users need to follow.

You’re not following TikTok’s community guidelines

Your content is not your own

The TikTok algorithm can tell if the video you posted is somebody else’s and it’s designed to block it and keep it from ever being uploaded.

Tiktok has tight rules about what you may and cannot post. Videos that are offensive, political, or sexual in nature, and those that feature violence, bullying, or illegal activities, are strictly not allowed.

Your video is under review

You’re a new TikTok user

If you just created your account and posted a video almost immediately, your chance of getting views is going to be limited. Think of it this way: you must show your account is real, not a bot.

TikTok values authenticity.  If your mobile device has many TikTok accounts, it may be flagged for authenticity issues and affect your discoverability.

You have more than one TikTok account

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