What Is The New Instagram Subscription Feature?

By: Net Influencer


Instagram has joined the leagues of Patreon and Ko-fi by introducing a new subscription feature for content creators.  This article talks about what the feature does and how it will benefit content creators.

What Is The Instagram Subscription Feature?

Instagram subscription is a feature that allows you to monetize your content by putting some of it behind a paywall/monthly subscription.

For a monthly fee, your subscribers would be able to access your exclusive content. They also get a cool purple badge that will let you identify them!

This badge will show up beside their username whenever they comment on your posts or send you a private message.

This feature is currently only available to limited content creators in the U.S. Even though this feature is limited to the US as of now, I have no doubt that it will soon be rolled out in other countries once its success has been measured.


Benefits of The Instagram Subscription Feature

The Instagram subscription feature has several benefits. For starters, it offers people a way to support their favorite content creators without having to break their banks.

The feature allows content creators to make money by doing what they love. A large number of subscribers means more recurring revenue, which will also act as incentive for them to keep creating more content and putting it out there.

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