Top B2B Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Were a Success

By: Net Influencer


Here are some of the most successful B2B influencer marketing campaigns that burst all the myths and prove that influencer marketing is effective no matter the target audience.


Microsoft partnered with NatGeo to conduct a wonderful campaign to motivate more women to participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and change the world.


Known as #MakeWhatsNext and launched on International Women’s Day in 2017, this campaign partnered some of the top adventure photography influencers and told real-life inspiring stories of women scientists.


InVideo is an online editing tool for small businesses, educators, and enterprises.


So, the brand conducted an influencer marketing campaign where they displayed some of their famous clients and professional videographers using the tool.

American Express

You might think that it would be difficult to promote financial services using influencer marketing campaigns. That’s where you’re wrong.


American Express did it wonderfully using their #AmexAmbassador campaign.  They teamed up with small business owners who talked about all the benefits of owning an American Express card.


IBM, the multinational tech corporation, knows that employees are the best advocates for any business. So, they ask employees to promote them on social media including posting custom tweets.


But, one of their most successful B2B influencer marketing campaigns was the IBM Watson campaign. IBM Watson is the company’s portfolio of AI tools that makes business easy.

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