Popular Mom Influencers on TikTok

By: Net Influencer


Many Moms use TikTok to share their lives as parents, communicate with others, and showcase their latest childcare hacks.  In order to learn more about this demographic, Netinfluencer lists the most popular Mom influencers on TikTok.


Made up of Denise and Ebony, Team2moms use TikTok to spread positivity whilst also showcasing the joys of parenting to their 6.2 million followers. 


These Mom influencers have two children, Lucas and Olivia, and enjoy sharing their personal milestones and changes in their style. They also answer questions from their fans to create a more engaging platform.


Using her signature catchphrase, ‘Let’s Make Some Lunch For My Kids’, this Mom influencer has inspired many other parents to up their packed lunch game.


Sulheejessica shows a range of inspiring meal ideas that she packs into her children’s bento boxes. She often creates lunches based on a theme such as Earth Day and St Patrick’s Day, providing a sense of delight for her 5.8 million followers.

Abbie Herbert

With an impressive 13.4 million followers and 1.3 billion likes, Abbie Herbert shares her daily life as both a mother and content creator. 


Alongside her husband Josh and daughter Poppy, this Mom influencer enjoys playing with TikTok’s augmented filters and including her daughter in popular trends. She also shares updates on her current pregnancy, including scans and potential baby names.


Monica Banks, better known as Momcreators, helps other women to find success in the content creation industry.


She uses TikTok to answer other women’s burning questions and tries to help them get started in influencer marketing. Banks also offers advice for existing Mom influencers, guiding them through sending invoices and securing brand deals.

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