5 Influencer Marketing Campaign Fails

By: Net Influencer

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When approaching your first influencer marketing campaign, it can be very difficult to know right from wrong.  Netinfluencer will guide you through a set of key practices to ensure that your brand avoids any influencer marketing campaign fails.

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What Is an Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing. These campaigns use individuals with an engaged social media following as a way to endorse and promote a range of products and services.

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Influencer Marketing Campaign Fails Examples

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When working with an influencer, it is paramount that your team offers them a detailed brief to ensure that their work aligns with your brand values.


A Lack of Goal for Your Campaign

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Influencers can be compensated in a variety of different ways so it is very important that you reward these content creators in an appropriate way.


Not Compensating Your Influencer

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Although it may seem like good practice to collaborate with mega-influencers who have more than a million followers, they may not be able to effectively communicate with your audience.


Being Distracted by an Influencer’s Following

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These content creators are masters of their own work so it is important to listen to and implement their contributions.


Restricting  Creative Freedom

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