10 Challenges of Becoming an Influencer

By: Net Influencer


Is being a social media influencer worth it? Here are the top ten challenges of becoming an influencer that may make you think twice, even three times, about being one.

You may experience trolls or bashers

As a public figure who shares their life stories with every Tom, Dick, and Jane who logs onto their computers, they are easy targets for rude, despicable individuals who delight in criticizing others.

You may lose your privacy

Being an influencer means you have a public figure status. This means that people may recognize you wherever you go, whether on a date or doing your daily errands.

You can quickly lose popularity faster than you’ve gained it

Actors are said to be only as good as their last film. One can apply this saying to influencers who can quickly lose relevance among their fans when the next “it” internet personality comes along.

You will need lots of patience

Most influencers didn’t get to where they are overnight. It takes time to build a significant and loyal following.

You won’t earn immediately

It may take a while before you can see your efforts pay off in actual monetary payments. So, keep your day job in the meantime as you work on your influencer hustle.

You can’t just wing it

Many people think that being an influencer is all about creativity, confidence and charm. However, while those skills are helpful they won’t get you very far without hard work and preparation.

You might not want the pressure

Another challenge of being an influencer is staying in the game. Thus, you’ll need to face the pressure of constantly uploading quality content, sometimes multiple times a day.

Stalkers may find you

You may receive unwanted attention from undesirable individuals, such as stalkers. They can have a range of motives, from inflicting sexual abuse or violence to wanting an intimate relationship.

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