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Meet The Influencers Trying To Spread More Awareness About Type 1 Diabetes

According to the CDC, an estimated 1.3 million adults are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the US alone. As this disease becomes more prevalent in our modern society, it seems that a new generation of influencers has emerged. These content creators not only strive to educate their audience on the nuances of the condition but also work to keep up to date with the tech associated with monitoring blood sugars. To delve into this alluring niche even further, Net Influencer will list the 10 most popular Type 1 Diabetic influencers. 

  1. Diabetesdoc

As a certified and experienced endocrinologist, Diabetesdoc often uses his platform to showcase the up-and-coming treatments available for the condition. This creator, also known as David Ahn demonstrates a wealth of blood glucose sensors, ensuring that his 8428 followers can select a sensor that best suits their lifestyle. Plus, Ahn also presents an effective call-and-response strategy on his platform, consistently answering burning questions from his growing audience. However, Dr. Ahn doesn’t just focus on modern treatments. In fact, he also educates Type 1 Diabetics on how to best use their blood testing machines to ensure that they can receive an accurate reading every time. 


Size comparison of the #DexcomG7 vs the dexcomg6, FreestyleLibre3, FreestyleLibre2, and Eversense. The G7 is officially 60% smaller than the G6. After actually wearing it, I was super impressed with how small the #Dexcom #G7 is, as it’s just a shade bigger than the tiny Libre3. In the end, they almost feel the same size. If you’re interested, the Dexcom G7 was officially approved by the FDA on December 8th, 2022. However, it won’t be available in the USA until early 2023, and won’t be compatible with #Omnipod5 and #tandemdiabetes #controlIQ for a little while after that. #diabetestechnology #t1d #t2d #diabetes #freestylelibresensor #FreestyleLibre

♬ original sound – David Ahn, MD
  1. Clutzychick

Complete with a quirky attitude and an infectious sense of joy, Clutzychick showcases the daily life of a Type 1 Diabetic, whilst still managing to create informative content. Clutzychick, or Mary Comeau shows the good, bad, and ugly parts of living with this condition, sharing her dangerous highs and her frustrating lows. She also uses an Omnipod, allowing her to share a unique perspective with her 569.2K followers. Although Comeau has been living with T1D for many years now, she doesn’t let this condition get in the way of her dreams. She also set up a small business called Energetic Diabetic, which provides customers with personalized stickers and patches for their Dexcoms. 

  1. Diabeticmaniac

Living with T1D is not an easy feat, especially for young people like Diabeticmaniac. Yet, this content creator is eager to dismantle the stereotypes surrounding this condition to live a life that is as healthy as possible. As an avid gym rat, this influencer shares his most useful tips and tricks to help fellow diabetics maintain a stable blood sugar reading throughout the duration of their workout. Alongside fitness tips, Diabeticmaniac also creates a series of Daily Accountability Videos. Here, he inspires his 34.1K followers to share their true blood sugar readings within the community and try to maintain a stable blood sugar as much as possible. 

  1. Manoftzeel

Ben, better known as Manoftzeel is a dietician for Type 1 Diabetes and since he suffers from the condition himself, he is able to offer a plethora of insightful advice for his 145K followers. Ben films snippets of his daily life to help educate his followers on how to better handle unexpected lows and uncomfortable highs. So, he shows diabetics how to maintain their sugars on long-haul flights as well as how to drop their sugars during the morning. Together with his TikTok videos, this influencer also produces a wealth of accompanying material. Viewers are free to join his nutrition and health coaching program so that they can communicate with this experienced dietician first-hand. Not to mention, he also produces an engaging podcast, where he discusses just how much this condition can affect a diabetic’s daily life. 

  1. Milknhoneynutrition

Food is a monumental substance for Type 1 Diabetics and Milknhoneynutrition helps her 261.8K followers to create delicious meals at home. Not only does this influencer share her recipes on her TikTok platform, but she also provides informative advice for diabetics looking to improve their nutritional intake. So, whether it’s a low-sugar granola recipe for breakfast or a sourdough sandwich for lunch, this content creator works to guide her audience through a plethora of simple and delectable recipes. She has also managed to produce 2 cookbooks, ensuring that her followers can enjoy her recipes in a more comprehensive way. 


16 blood sugar friendly store bought desserts! Whether you have diabetes or another reason to pay attention to your blood sugars, there’s so many options these days at the grocery store! #milknhoneynutrition #diabetes #bloodsugar #type1 #t1d #type1diabetes #type2 #t2d #type2diabetes #prediabetes #bloodsugarfriendly

♬ original sound – Mary Ellen, Diabetes Dietitian
  1. Ryant1d

Ryan Taylor, also known as Ryant1d, has been dealing with T1D since he was a young boy so he has seen how far these treatments have come in the last few years. With his no-nonsense attitude and empirical results, Taylor aims to teach diabetics about the importance of fitness and dispel the myths surrounding it. As a passionate bodybuilder, he also shares how he maintains in shape whilst monitoring his blood sugars and keeping the rest of his body intact. Although TikTok presents an array of dietitians, this influencer puts all of these plans to the test, highlighting whether diabetics should really adhere to a strict low-carb lifestyle. He is also affiliated with Sibonics, a company that supplies glucose sensors, meaning that his 20.9K followers can receive the most accurate reading possible. 

  1. Thediabeticyogi

Since being diagnosed with T1D back in 2008, it seems that Thediabeticyogi has seen it all. Therefore, she uses her platform on TikTok to update her 778.7K followers on the ebbs and flows of such a volatile condition. Alongside sharing her site change routine and data from her sensor, this influencer also takes her audience along with her as she enjoys a wealth of immense hikes. Many diabetics feel quite isolated with their condition, especially when they have first been diagnosed. Yet, this content creator is keen to bring her fan base together, creating a Discord group for her followers to join. Thus, with just a handful of videos, Thediabeticyogi has managed to create a truly bustling online community. 

  1. Yasbrown98

Since posting her first video in November 2022, Yasbrown98 has managed to accumulate an impressive 41.6K followers. This content creator is open about her struggles with Type 1 Diabetes and PCOS, giving her a perfect opportunity to create humorous content about her health, whilst also educating her audience on these conditions. Yasbrown98 also discusses how alcohol impacts her blood sugars, sharing comical stories from nights out where her blood sugar did not want to play along. Together with these funny videos, this influencer is also an aspiring stand-up comedian, sharing clips from her latest sets in comedy clubs around London. 


Diabetic life 🍩 So crazy my pancreas is in the same messy disarray as my flat 🤷🏽‍♀️ #diabetes #diabeticwarrior #diabeticawareness #pancreas #donut #sugar #comedy #comedysketch #insulinjunkie #diabetictype1

♬ original sound – Yas
  1. T1dsaff

T1dsaff, whose real name is Saffron Johnson, creates a selection of diverse content on TikTok, indicating that T1D is just a small part of her everyday life. As a competitive cheerleader, Johnson highlights how she manages her sugars before events and how she conceals her insulin pump on stage. When she’s not showcasing her latest CGM or doing a number of effortless backflips, this influencer is showing off her latest fashion haul. Therefore, T1dsaff does an excellent job of showing her 62.9K followers how she manages her condition but also exemplifies that T1D doesn’t have to be her identity or consume every part of her life.

  1. Lucast1d

Lucast1d has a very unusual story as a diabetic as he was first misdiagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2022. It wasn’t until he got the correct diagnosis as Type 1 in 2023 that he was inspired to share his complex journey with his 2022 followers. Not only does this influencer do a great job describing the differences between Type 1 and Type 2, but he also creates a series of humorous skits detailing how people usually respond to diagnosis. But, this influencer does more than just crack jokes. He has created an intriguing E-book about how to travel with diabetes and often discloses the symptoms he had leading up to his diagnosis so that others can receive appropriate help. 

Although it might seem strange that many Type 1 Diabetics have now entered the alluring world of influencer marketing, this community indicates that there is an audience available for just about any type of niche. Complete with informative demonstrations and quirky skits, these diabetics have managed to raise awareness about their condition whilst still producing engaging content for their audience. Thus, it’ll be interesting to see just how much these content creators will impact the ever-changing creator economy. 

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