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Starting A YouTube Channel In 2023 - Things To Consider Before Getting Started


Starting A YouTube Channel In 2023 – Things To Consider Before Getting Started 

Why start a Youtube channel in 2023?

Starting a Youtube channel is one of the best ways to build authority in any niche or communicate your personal brand, as Youtube is one of the easiest platforms for growing an audience. 

Due to the universal shift to short-form content streaming, there has never been a better time to launch your Youtube Channel. 

Every streaming platform has unique growth tools, and with Youtube, whatever feature is new to the platform is always the secret to gaining more Views, likes, and subscribers. 

Starting A YouTube Channel In 2023 - Things To Consider Before Getting Started 

How long will it take to grow your Youtube Channel?

Your growth process will vary depending on the quality of your content, how often you post, and what Youtube tools you utilize. 

The process can not be set to a specific timeframe for some influencers is can take 4- 6 months, while others make it in 3-6 years, depending on the previously mentioned factors. 

Currently, the fastest way to build a Youtube channel is to post quality content at the same time every day while utilizing the new tools and features such as Audio, Youtube studio, info cards, Shorts, and more.

What to consider before starting a Youtube Channel?

Not every creator or influencer’s objective is fast growth; some do it for fun or out of curiosity. 

However, creators that are in it for the long run must be committed to their craft rather than treating their Youtube channel as a side hustle or fun project. 

Before going all-in on Youtube, here are a few things to take into account moving forward with your channel:

Commitment to being consistent 

Consistency is the number one element of starting a Youtube channel. You will grow your Youtube channel even if you have a consistent pace and lack every other aspect.

In 2023 the Youtube algorithm favors those who continuously post at the times of highest audience activity. 

The ideal rate at which you must post is at least once a day for Youtube Shorts and not less than 3 times a week for long-form videos.

Patience with results 

Without persistence, you will not see any results; without patience, you will end up giving up and not posting often. 

Your patience level will vary depending on your presence on other social media platforms. Building your Youtube presence will be faster and more manageable if you have an established fan base on other social media channels. 

However, if you’re starting from scratch, your progress will be slower; even if your content is top-notch quality, Youtube will still take a long time to find the right audience. 

The first few months will likely be a hit or miss with most content but continue posting and recycling that content for better results.

Speed of production 

Speed of production is an essential element because the previous two are only possible by producing on an efficient scale. 

You can only be persistent if you have content in the pipeline ready to be posted and other ideas ready to be executed and filmed. 

For the best results, it is recommended to have a backlog in production, have three to four weeks of content ready to be posted then work ahead of your game. 

Sources of Inspiration 

No matter what niche you specialize in, there will come a period when you need help with generating ideas for your next video. 

The best-performing content is usually unique ideas that people have yet to create. However, you can constantly tailor other content ideas to your own style whenever in need of creative material. 

Other creators admire it when you use their ideas and give credit, always mention the creator you were inspired by; it adds value to both parties. 

Best SEO Practices 

SEO is how you can speed up being noticed and found on Youtube. Like the Google Search engine, Youtube prioritizes specific terminology and favors trending keywords over anything else. 

The best titles include how-to videos, the best, whatever it may be, and titles that contain numbers. 

Follow the same Google SEO practices to get found faster. For example, the title “The 8 best ways to build a youtube channel” will perform better than “Recommendations to Build your Youtube Channel.”

Criticism and Hate Comments

Social criticism results from high exposure in a market full of different beliefs and preferences; it is almost impossible to satisfy everybody. 

The more criticism you receive, primarily through comments, the more recognized you will become, and your exposure will increase. 

Increased criticism is a sign of getting closer to your ultimate goal, and you, as a creator, must be okay with receiving endless amounts of it before launching your Youtube channel. 

It is a massive barrier stands between creators and their growth. If you are not open to criticism  and being exposed to various opinions, starting a youtube channel is not the best move.

Financial investments

Making exception content will require special equipment and software. If you are already producing content on a different platform, you have this part sorted out. 

If you are starting your Youtube journey, it’s time to experiment with different gear and tools. For a general idea of what you would need to get started, here are a few product recommendations to start your Youtube channel

Wireless Microphone:

You will need a portable wireless microphone to shoot content whenever you need to, and it is best to get a dual mic setup that you can use in skits or episodes that feature more than one person. Additionally, if you are confident you will not film with anyone, your second mic can be your backup.

One of the most popular options in the market is the Rode Wireless Go Dual channel bundle:

Rode Wireless GO II 2-Person Compact
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Lightning Gear: 

Unless you are shooting your content outdoors, you will require proper indoor lighting, and there is no better value bundle than the Neewer 2-Pack Video Bi-color lightning.

NEEWER 2 Pack Bi Color 660 LED Video Light and Stand Kit
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High-resolution Camera or Phone:

A high-resolution video camera is the most important element of your content creation setup. While there are so many options, we love the quality of the iPhone 14 Pro and the GoPro Hero 11. 

Apple iPhone 14 Pro, 128GB, Space Black
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Editing software 

Finally, you will need good editing software to put everything together. Based on your experience and content structure, this central element can be paid for or free. some of the best editing software include Adobe Premier Pro and Capcut

Premier Pro is best for in-depth detailed edits, while Capcut covers all your basic editing needs for short-form content creation. 


2023 is one of the best times to start your Youtube channel and get exceptional exposure, but it still requires you to put in the effort necessary. 

Following these tips and tricks, you can speed up building your Youtube channel and gain high exposure. 

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