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Snapchat Safety Overhaul: 4 New Features That Make Chatting Way Safer

Snap has introduced four new safety features to protect users, particularly teens, from online threats. The company reports these tools build on existing safeguards and address emerging concerns such as sextortion scams.

Expanded in-app warnings now alert teens when they receive messages from users blocked or reported by others or located in regions associated with fraudulent activity. This feature extends Snapchat’s previous warning system, which has led to over 12 million blocks since its November launch.

Enhanced friending protections prevent friend requests between teens and users without mutual connections, especially those accessing Snapchat from locations linked to scamming. This measure targets sophisticated sextortion schemes, often orchestrated by financially motivated actors outside the United States.

Simplified location-sharing controls offer users a centralized hub to manage their Snap Map settings. The update includes more frequent reminders for users to review their location-sharing preferences. Snapchat emphasizes that location sharing remains off by default and is limited to existing friends.

Blocking improvements now extend to all accounts created on the same device as a blocked user, aiming to prevent repeat harassment from newly created accounts.

Snapchat frames these updates as part of its ongoing commitment to user safety and privacy. The company states it will continue developing additional protections and resources for its community. The platform collaborates with other companies to combat cross-platform threats and provides educational resources on its Privacy & Safety Hub.

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