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Fiverr's Music and Sound Production Services for Influencer Videos


Fiverr’s Music And Sound Production Services For Influencer Videos

Do you need help finding a catchy beat to use in your YouTube videos? How about a voice over actor for the ads on your podcast? The Fiverr freelancer platform is full of talented music and sound producers who know how to make your content stand out. Keep reading to learn more about Fiverr’s best music and sound production services for influencers.

Sound is one of the most important elements in today’s high-performing video content. With the right music, sound effects, and audio clips, your video can go from ordinary to extraordinary. If you’re not skilled in music and sound production, there are thousands of talented freelancers on the Fiverr platform ready to work with you. Read on to learn more about some of the top music and sound production services for influencers on Fiverr.

Fiverr’s Best Music and Sound Production Services for Influencers

Voice Over 

If you have a great idea for your next viral video but don’t want to be on camera or use your own vocals, consider hiring a freelance voice over artist. On Fiverr, there are freelancers who specialize in voice over work for all types of projects. Hire a voice over artist to narrate your next tutorial video or series of eLearning video courses. You can even hire a voice over artist to record a professional voicemail greeting! 

Fiverr’s search filters allow you to sort voice over freelancers by your preferred language. Check out Fiverr’s voice over services here:

Producers & Composers

Influencers who want their own custom song but don’t know where to start can turn to a freelance music producer or composer for assistance. Just as people hire ghostwriters to write books and articles under their name, ghost producers create songs for others. Hire a ghost producer to create your very own songs for DJ sets and parties. You can also have a freelance producer or composer turn your written lyrics into a song or create backing tracks.

Check out Fiverr’s production and composing services here:

Singers & Vocalists

If you have the perfect instrumentals for your YouTube channel’s theme song but need the right singer for the lyrics, consider working with a freelance singer or vocalist. On Fiverr, there are thousands of talented freelance vocalists who specialize in a wide variety of musical genres, including country, rap, and rock. Choose from male or female singers and even select an accent preference. Some singers and songwriters specialize in parody songs and background vocals. 

Check out Fiverr’s singing and vocalist services here:

Jingles & Intros

Vloggers and influencers include intros and outros on their videos to tie everything on their channel together and appear more professional. Having the right music and vocals on your intro or outro is essential. Hire a Fiverr freelancer to create the perfect catchy jingle for your brand or company so you always stay top of your customers’ minds. There are also freelance musicians who create intros, outros, and jingles for podcasts. Some use specific instruments or specialize in niche genres, like 80’s music and comedy.

Check out Fiverr’s jingles and intros services here:

Podcast Production

Running a successful podcast takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Podcasts have a ton of moving parts and outsourcing some or all production tasks can be a game-changer. Fiverr freelancers who are skilled in podcast production can help with audio editing, writing show notes, and removing background noise. If you want to add a little more pizazz to your podcast, work with a freelancer to infuse custom special effects. Many services come with quick turnaround times, some in as little as 24 hours. 

Check out Fiverr’s podcast production services here:

Beat Making

Many content creators add a bit of music to the transitional portions of their videos to keep things interesting. A freelance beat maker will create custom beats you can use in your videos that are totally unique to your personality and brand. This also saves you from searching through royalty free music libraries or worrying about copyright laws. Choose from artists who specialize in genres like lofi, hip hop, chillout, and soul. Some freelancers may even bundle several beats together for you at a discount.

Check out Fiverr’s beat making services here:

Audio Ads Production

If you have a podcast with paid sponsors, consider hiring a freelancer to create your ads. A freelance voice over artist can make your ads sound professional and polished and their voice adds a bit of variety to your show. Some freelance ad producers handle video as well, perfect for vloggers and influencers on YouTube. If you want to use your own vocals, consider hiring a freelancer to script your ad so you get the message across clearly and quickly. 

Check out Fiverr’s audio advertisement production services here:

Audiobook Production

Writing a book or eBook is a way to share your story and build authority in your niche. Having an audiobook version of your book is ideal for people who want to consume the content while working out at the gym or driving. A Fiverr freelancer can assist with narrating and editing your audiobook. Audiobook production freelancers on the platform specialize in a variety of languages and book genres. If you sell your book on Amazon, look for a freelancer who can optimize your audiobook according to the platform’s standards. 

Check out Fiverr’s audiobook production services here:

Audio Logo & Sonic Branding

Sonic branding and audio logo work uses sound strategically to make your brand come to life. An example might be a signature sound effect whenever your logo pops into view on your videos or custom alert sounds on your Twitch account. Work with a freelance sonic branding specialist on Fiverr to add personality and infuse your brand into your YouTube intros and outros, website content, and promotional videos. 

Check out Fiverr’s audio logo and sonic branding services here:

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