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Fiverr's Impact On The Growth Of Influencer Marketing


Fiverr’s Impact On The Growth Of Influencer Marketing

Fiverr has been a leading pioneer within the gig economy for years. 

With more than 830,000 sellers and 5.5 million buyers, this platform has become a go-to destination for influencer marketing. (source)

Fiverr is a popular online marketplace that connects freelancers with clients seeking their services. 

In addition to offering basic services like designing business cards, Fiverr provides more complex ones like assisting with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery. 

The platform is a reliable resource for businesses seeking qualified professionals and employs unique terminology, referring to services offered by sellers as “Gigs.” 

Sellers have the option to set a starting price point when creating Gigs and can further provide Gig Packages containing multiple price ranges to buyers. 

This approach allows for tailored service packages that cater to specific buyer requirements.

Buyers must pay Fiverr before receiving services, and sellers receive 80% of the total order value upon successful completion of an order. 

For instance, if a service costs $10, the seller will receive $8 for a completed order. 

Check their “how it works” page for more information.

Fiverr’s transactional system facilitates seamless payment processing and ensures reliability on both sides.

Fiverr’s Impact on the Growth of Influencer Marketing

Fiverr has played a pivotal role in the growth of influencer marketing, offering businesses a platform for quickly hiring social media influencers and enabling influencers to monetize their online presence.

Its impact on the growth of influencer marketing is evident through the following five case studies:

Disclaimer – All the case studies are adapted from Fiverr’s resources for authenticity. 

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance, a global NGO with over 30 years of experience in sustainability work, has used Fiverr Business to train more than 4 million farmers. 

Through partnerships with creative professionals on Fiverr Business, including graphic designers, translators, illustrators, and video creators, Rainforest Alliance has created high-quality training materials that effectively communicate the importance of sustainable farming practices.

Fiverr Business has enabled the firm to access a diverse talent pool, ensuring that training materials are culturally sensitive and relevant to the specific regions where they are deployed. 

This has resulted in better communication and understanding between the NGO and the farmers, leading to improved farming practices and the protection of biodiversity and forests.

The Rainforest Alliance cultivates sustainable livelihoods, protects the natural resources we all share, and advances the rights of indigenous people around the world. 

As a movement to support these efforts, Fiverr Business uses its voice (its audience of freelancers) to help change behavior for the better.


Shopo, a Unilever Company, faced a challenge when it needed a new branding kit to create uniform marketing collateral. 

The company required the project to be completed on a tight budget of $3,500, with a quick turnaround time of four months. 

However, the expensive quotes and long lead times of larger, traditional agencies deterred them. 

Shopo needed a partner who could deliver a new branding kit under budget and within the desired timeline.

The business found a solution in Fiverr Business.

The Project Partner broke down the project scope into milestones and deliverables, hand-picking the best freelancers for the project’s unique needs. 

These experts included a copywriter, designer, translator, a Hebrew typography professional, and branding expert. 

Thanks to the dedication and organization of Shopo’s Project Partner and talented freelancers, the entire brand book was completed within three months, (a month ahead of schedule).

The successful partnership between Shopo and Fiverr Business Project Partner is a testament to the power of collaboration and the benefits of leveraging the right talent for specific project needs. 

Save our Children 

SOC (Save our Children) faced a challenge updating its website due to a lack of security, limited visual language, inaccessible information, and an outdated logo. 

The organization needed more in-house capacity and experience to handle the project. 

The Fiverr Business Project Partner team stepped in to manage the complexities of the project and coordinate several freelancers from various locations.

The project partner team handpicked industry freelancers in branding, copy, and website design and development. 

These freelancers worked seamlessly in parallel across multiple time zones and locations, including Argentina, the USA, South Africa, and the Netherlands. 

The SOC team found that working with Fiverr Business’ Project Partners saved them time and money while executing this complex project. 

From handpicking talent to operating within a clearly defined budget to facilitating project delivery, the entire process was streamlined from beginning to end.

The project also cultivated relationships between the SOC team and different freelancers with diverse skills, empowering them to evolve and update their sites continuously. 

Even before the project ended, the organization started more freelance collaborations, demonstrating the sustainable connections that can be created through effective partnerships with Business Fiverr’s Project Partners.


Fiverr’s SEO team faced a challenge when they were given a few months to create content for every marketplace category, and they knew their in-house content team needed help to handle the project. 

The SEO team works with the marketing department to promote Fiverr’s 500+ freelance service categories. 

To tackle the challenge, they turned to Fiverr Business to outsource the project.

Hand-picked by vetting specialists for their SEO expertise, the freelancers were easy to work with, and the project was completed in just five months.

The SEO team produced over 200 content pieces within the deadline, ensuring quality was not compromised. 

When it comes to SEO, quantity makes it work, and quality makes it work well, and Fiverr Business’ SEO team was able to achieve both.

Fiverr Business’ vetted network of freelancers with SEO expertise made it easy for the team to outsource the project without sacrificing quality or time, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks.


When Optunity needed to create a strategy for a new launch, website, branding, and influencer marketing collateral in less than a month, the company took the help of a Fiverr Business Project Partner.

The partners assemble a team of freelance writers, designers, and developers to build out the branding materials.

Thanks to the expertise and experience of the freelancers, Optunity was able to successfully launch their new brand, TopC, and develop the necessary branding materials within the tight deadline. 

How can Fiverr help you?

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to grow your brand and reach new audiences, and Fiverr is the leading platform that connects businesses with freelancers who can help them accomplish (almost all kinds of) goals. 

Here are some pointers to help you get started:

Define your goals: 

Before working with freelancers on Fiverr define what do you want to achieve as an influencer marketer. 

Do you want to increase your follower count, increase engagement, or generate more leads? 

Once you clearly understand your goals, you can start looking for freelancers to help you achieve them.

Research your options: 

Fiverr marketplace offers a range of services from social media management to content creation. 

Research your options and find freelancers who specialize in the areas that align with your goals.

Communicate clearly: 

When you are working with freelancers on Fiverr, it’s important to be specific about your needs and expectations. 

Provide clear instructions for the freelancers to follow and communicate clearly; this will help ensure that the work is completed to your satisfaction.

Build a relationship: 

Building relationships with your freelancers helps you get better results over time. 

Consider working with the same freelancers on multiple projects to build rapport, trust, and better understand each other’s needs.

Monitor your progress: 

Monitor the growth of your follower count, engagement, and other metrics to see how your efforts impact your brand.

By following these pointers, you can leverage the power of Fiverr to grow your influence as a marketer. 


Fiverr has revolutionized the world of influencer marketing by providing a platform for brands to collaborate with freelancers worldwide. 

This platform has made it safe and profitable for influencers to monetize their work, creating opportunities for future success. 

The reputation of Fiverr has also encouraged more businesses to hire freelancers, especially in influencer marketing. 

Iconic brands are now more likely to work with social media personalities than traditional celebrities, as they can easily be contacted. 

This trend is helping to extend the industry’s vitality and make it more profitable in the long run. 

Fiverr’s impact on the influencer marketing industry is undeniable, and it is poised to continue driving growth and innovation in the future.

Share your thoughts and opinions on the impact of Fiverr on influencer marketing in the comments section below!

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