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The Desktop for Content Creation Best Computers for Influencers (1)


The Desktop for Content Creation: Best Computers for Influencers

Data from November 2022 states that 50.22% of all web searches come from desktops, suggesting that even in an increasingly mobile-orientated world, desktops are still remarkably popular. These devices are also incredibly important to influencers as they can help them craft a stellar selection of content from the comfort of their own homes and at high speeds. To delve into this further, Netinfluencer will list the 10 most popular desktop computers for content creators.


Acer Aspire TC-1760 

If you are seeking a desktop that suits both work and play, the Acer Aspire TC-1760 is a perfect option. Equipped with a 12th Gen Intel i5-12400 processor, this desktop can tackle just about any task with precision and accuracy. Even if you create files and documents at scale, this device can keep up due to its immense 12GB of DDR4 storage. Therefore, users will not have to fret about maxing out their memory and can continue to work on lengthy projects with ease. It is also incredibly compact, measuring just 13.78 inches tall and 13.39 inches wide. Thus, this desktop can easily be slid under your desk without taking up too much space within your setup. 

Acer Aspire TC-1760-UA92 Desktop | 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12400 6-Core Processor
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10/01/2023 01:29 am GMT

HP Chromebase

With an impressive 21.5-inch screen that can effortlessly rotate 90°, the HP Chromebase allows influencers to work in both portrait and landscape mode. It uses a unique touchscreen, meaning that users can explore a range of different creative techniques with ease and freedom. This desktop also boasts an anti-glare screen, meaning that it can be placed in just about any condition and still offer impeccable display quality. Alongside its immense technical elements, this desktop is also accompanied by a simplistic Chrome OS operating system. In turn, influencers can get to work as soon as they take it out of the box.

HP Chromebase 21.5" All-in-One Desktop, Intel Pentium Gold 6405U Processor
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10/01/2023 01:29 am GMT

HP Envy

The HP Envy was designed with content creators in mind, offering them a desktop with adjustable height and swivel features built-in. Thus, influencers can now work with a desktop that works to their advantage at all times. It also comes with a magnetic 16MP camera, meaning that users can attach it to any part of the computer so that they can give a crystal-clear view of their surroundings.

Fitted with 32GB of RAM and an additional 1TB of SSD, influencers can create a plethora of content without having to worry about running out of storage. The HP Envy is also equipped with a collection of Type-A and Type-C USB ports, assuring that it can connect with a wealth of external devices. 

HP Envy 34” All-in-One Desktop, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11700 Processor
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10/01/2023 01:33 am GMT

iMac (2021)

Apple’s 2021 rendition of the iMac allows content creators to truly revolutionize their set-up, adding a pastel splash of color to just about any room. These desktops are fitted with a prosperous M1 chip, giving influencers the chance to switch between a collection of tasks without slowing them down.

Despite working with the most premium iOS operating system on the market, the iMac also works alongside a wealth of compatible software including Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud. As such, influencers can still work with all of their usual software, even if they are not fully familiar with Apple’s interface. Available in a range of quirky colors, this desktop is ideal for those looking to push away from convention.

Apple 2021 iMac All-in-one Desktop Computer with M1 chip: 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 24-inch Retina Display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage
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10/01/2023 01:39 am GMT

Dell RGB Gaming Desktop

The Dell RGB Gaming Desktop is the ideal option for avid gamers who are looking to produce high-quality content without their computer holding them back. With a pair of high-powered fans, this desktop remains cool and calm under a range of intense conditions.

It is also fitted with a premium Radeon R9 370 graphics card, ensuring that gamers can experience an immense selection of detail without worrying about a staggering frame rate. This desktop also has an assortment of USB ports as well as a Bluetooth DVD player, giving users complete control over their expanding setup. 


If you are short on space, the KAMRUI Mini PC allows influencers to utilize a high-powered desktop that can simply be placed on your desk. Measuring just 5.04 x 2.05 inches, this desktop works just as well as its larger counterparts. It also comes with 2 HDMI ports, allowing creators to connect their own monitor to create a fully functioning setup.

Despite its small size, it is accompanied by a premium Windows 11 Pro operating system, which allows influencers to become accustomed to a high-end interface to ensure that they can complete lengthy projects on time and with flair. It also boasts 12GB of RAM to support a range of vast projects without slowing down.

Dell RGB Gaming Desktop PC, Intel Quad I5 up to 3.6GHz, 16GB RAM
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10/01/2023 01:49 am GMT

Lenovo IdeaCenter AIO 3i

This desktop was designed for hard workers due to its amazing Intel processors and incredible UHD graphics card. The Lenovo IdeaCenter AIO 3i showcases amazing audio quality, using a collection of Harman Kardon-certified equipment that helps to push sounds throughout the room for a unique collective experience.

Users can also enjoy a wireless keyboard and mouse set as well as a dedicated phone dock to help them work for long periods of time without being tied down by complex wires or cables. Thus, this is a great option for influencers who need to express their creativity without limits. 

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3i - 2022 - All-in-One Desktop - 22" FHD - HD Camera
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10/01/2023 01:43 am GMT

HP ProDesk 600

The HP ProDesk 600 also supports the flexibility of remote workers due to its remarkable Intel vPro system management, which allows users to control a series of hardware such as a keyboard and mouse from just one device. This is particularly useful for content creators who work in different locations but still want to be in full control of their desktops.

Influencers no longer have to worry about malware or any other threats as this desktop is fitted with a unique HP BIOS Protection, securing your device from a plethora of modern-day viruses. The HP ProDesk 600 is also fitted with a staggering 8GB of DDRM storage, supporting influencers as they continue to produce amazing content. 

HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF Slim Business Desktop Computer
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10/01/2023 01:44 am GMT

Dell Inspiron 7710

This desktop includes an innovative stand that can help store your keyboard and mouse set, helping you to get on with your day without your setup taking up too much space. The Dell Inspiron 7710 also uses a range of specialist technology to create a TV-like screen, with a highly responsive touch-screen and blue light protection. In turn, influencers can reside at their desks for multiple hours without becoming fatigued or suffering eye strain. It also contains an FHD camera that can easily slot out of view if needed, giving creators a sense of downtime after a busy day. 

Dell Inspiron 7710 All in One - 27-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Touchscreen Display
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10/01/2023 01:44 am GMT

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is Apple’s answer to a small desktop computer, providing influencers with an outstanding M2 chip that has the power to take on just about anything. Complete with a headphone jack, a collection of Thunderbolt ports, and Wi-Fi 6E, this desktop is just as powerful and pioneering as its larger counterparts. This desktop also makes use of a plethora of low-latency memory, allowing it to move data quickly and without a hassle. As such, the latest generation of the Mac Mini is perfect for influencers who are looking for a compact desktop that can work at lightning-fast speeds.

Apple 2023 Mac Mini Desktop Computer M2 chip with 8‑core CPU and 10‑core GPU
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10/01/2023 01:49 am GMT

Since desktop computers are so diverse, it can be difficult to find one that suits your workload as a content creator. Luckily, the options listed above work tirelessly to support the developing needs of the influencer marketing industry, allowing you to continue to work at your highest level.


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