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How to Gain More Sponsorships as a Beauty Influencer


A Guide to Gaining More Sponsorships as a Beauty Influencer

Many beauty influencers have managed to make their mark on a variety of social media platforms, helping them to become thought leaders within their respective niche. In fact, 67% of beauty fanatics use influencers to guide them when making their next purchase. As such, this highlights the power of influencer marketing, even in saturated markets. Sponsorships can be a fantastic way for beauty influencers to break into more markets and build a collection of profitable revenue streams. Netinfluencer explores how you can acquire more sponsorships as a beauty influencer. 

Why Are Sponsorships So Important in the Beauty Industry?

Sponsorships are a profitable relationship between two brands that allows one party to benefit from another, usually through goods or services. With regard to the beauty industry, these opportunities are very important as it allows influencers the chance to operate more professionally within their chosen industry. Therefore, they can transition from making content about a brand to working for the brand itself.

These sponsorships can also offer influencers a plethora of financial benefits, such as brand deals, job opportunities, and affiliate links. This can help certain creators boost their revenue and potentially help them to become more secure in their financial earnings. In turn, this can help to validate the wider successes on the entire influencer marketing industry.

How to Gain More Sponsorships as a Beauty Influencer


10 Ways to Gain More Sponsorships as a Beauty Influencer

  1. Share some of your favorite products with your audience

The beauty industry is incredibly diverse and covers a large number of market segments. Thus, it is vital that you clearly express which segment you would like to work in. A simple way to showcase this is by sharing your most used beauty products with your audience. This can be expressed through a long-form YouTube video or even a short clip on your Instagram Story. In turn, brands will be better able to determine whether you are the right influencer for their next marketing campaign.

  1. Tag brands in your posts

If you are creating content surrounding a certain brand, it is good practice to credit them in your posts. This can be done by tagging their handle or including them in your hashtags. You can even tag important figures within the company such as the CEO or an influencer outreach manager. This will alert them of your content and can be an effective way to push your content further than your competitors. Be careful not to bombard them with your content as this can sometimes feel like spam.

  1. Network with key contacts from various brands

Social media is a great way to connect with new people within your field. Platforms like LinkedIn can give you direct contact with some of the industry’s largest names. You could send them a simple message denoting the nuances of your content and propose discussing a potential sponsorship in more detail. This will help you to learn more about the beauty industry and discover new brands that you would like to work with. 

  1. Pitch a collaboration

Many creators already have a solid idea of the type of sponsorships they would like to complete. Thus, it may be beneficial to actually pitch these ideas to a company directly. You can send a detailed email or even just reach out via a DM on social media. If your pitch is well received and successful, you may have the opportunity to collaborate on your own terms. Consequently, this can give you more creative freedom and the chance to build a long-lasting relationship with a brand.

How to Gain More Sponsorships as a Beauty Influencer


  1. Define your niche in your media kit

Media kits are essential if you are considering becoming a full-time beauty influencer as they collate all of your necessary information into a digestible format. These kits often present the most significant aspects of your career so it is important that you showcase your knowledge in your chosen niche. Also, by clearly defining your niche you are better able to attract sponsorships that are more aligned with your values and preferred motivations.

  1. Create content regularly

A regular content schedule can help beauty influencers show a sense of dedication and interest in the industry. Influencers can produce content regarding new product launches or brand awareness to show their knowledge of the contemporary beauty industry. Consistent posting can also build a stronger level of engagement which can make your work more accessible and better known to large beauty brands.

How to Gain More Sponsorships as a Beauty Influencer


  1. List your contact details in your bio

It is paramount that you provide a business contact within your social media profiles as it is a simple way for potential sponsors to interact with you directly. Tools such as Linktree can combine all of your platforms and details in one place, allowing key contacts to reach you if needed. These tools are also useful if you have reached out to a brand and are awaiting a response. Be mindful of the information you are sharing and only share exclusive information through a secure point of contact. 

  1. Build your personal brand

As a beauty influencer, your personality is your biggest asset. A personal brand can help you stand out from the crowd and diversify your content. Perhaps you enjoy placing overlays during your product reviews or maybe you are known for rating products on a scale. Whatever it is, ensure that these quirks are noticeable to brands. If you are looking to express this in a more professional way, you can ask previous brands or workplaces to commend your skills and use them as a reference when applying for sponsorship opportunities. 

How to Gain More Sponsorships as a Beauty Influencer


  1. State your payment rates clearly

When seeking out a paid sponsorship, it is very important that you express your payment expectations early on in the process. This can be expressed in your media kit or during a discussion with the brand. In addition, you must also ensure that your rates are aligned with the market value and that you are able to cover the costs of producing content. Some influencers also prefer to negotiate their rates. If this is you, make sure to provide a range of options to make yourself more flexible in your work. 

  1. Use a range of social media platforms

Beauty content is extremely popular across an assortment of platforms which means that influencers must use this opportunity to their full advantage. Try experimenting with a range of content and sharing across all of your active profiles. This will help to gain more traction for your content and potentially help you extend a sponsorship further. Plus, platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram have features that support affiliate marketing. Therefore, it is wise to ensure that you are allowed to present sponsored content on the platforms you are using. 

How to Gain More Sponsorships as a Beauty Influencer


Beauty influencers are undoubtedly a key asset to the influencer marketing industry with sponsorships helping them to flourish and profit from untapped markets. To discover more about influencer brand deals, visit our website

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